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Treat your employees fairly

We do not like our boss to be prejudice towards a certain employee for some specific reason. This can irk one and all and can spread an emotion of discontent all across the company. Eventually, the employees will not feel the place worthy to work and they will start looking for some place else. This means that you end up losing your valuable employees and can also see it as talent drain. These employees can get better pay by joining a company that is related to the same line of business and can hope things to be better out there. In the end it is you who will be at loss just because you have been unfair in treating your employees. What you could have done is you could have been fair to all your employees and treated them equally.

People appreciate when they see their bosses pick the best talent and reward them. But if you pick the person and reward him who is simply not worthy to be rewarded, it is then the rift will be created. This can have a lasting impact on the prospect of your company.

Select the best men/women for expansion projects:-

If you have expansion plans and have already allocated few projects through which you will expand your business, the first thing you need to do is select the best men who has the ability to take the expansion process ahead. Here you need to check the guys who have been phenomenal in terms of performance, hardworking, have taken less leaves and are highly productive. When you give such people an opportunity they will leave no stone unturned to ensure that they get the results you have expected to get from them. Give opportunities to the deserving and the loyalists. They will stick to your company and will work hard to take the organization to the next level. You can only grow in the construction business if you have the knack to pick the best men to do the job for you.

Do not make anybody your favorite:-

It is a big “NO” to have a favorite in the construction world. You may like someone’s work which can even lead you to make him your close associate. You can always give an ear to his advices but you should never believe him blindly or walk as per his direction. That is never going to be healthy for your business. You should have a group of men/women who will be your advisors and listen to everybody before you take a decision.

 Make people feel they are special:-

When an individual feel that the company no longer sees his importance in the company, he/she starts getting demoralized. For you, he/she may be a wonderful employee but you have never let him know about it. This will lead him to start his search for a new job where he can get some sort of importance from his boss. If a person has stayed in the organization for a long time, it certainly means that he/she see his/her future in that company. The efforts of such employees should be acknowledged and appreciated and they should be thanked for their hard work.

Motivate your employees through ways of cash and kind

Paying salary to your employees is perhaps not the only way by which you can motivate them to stay and work in your company for years. Though paying salary on time will keep them happy but definitely that will not act as a motivational factor and they will never have the love for the company and will also not be displayed through their acts. Their psychology is simple. They deserve to get some extra benefits that are apart from their wages. Those extra benefits need not be through monetary gains but can also be through other virtues shown by the employer. Knowing the name of your tenured employees is one such virtue and speaking to them often for at least a minute can spark a feeling in them that the company wants them to be a part of it. Also try not to be harsh with them when they goofed up with things. Instruct your men to speak gently but sternly with them and try to get things done rather than bossing on them.

Paying bonuses can give them a good feeling:-

If you have sufficient projects in hand and are also doing well in your business, then it will be a good gesture to announce bonuses to your employees. The workers will especially feel happier by hearing such an announcement. They are often paid less than other employees in a construction company and therefore when they get to know that the company has declared bonus to all, they are probably the lot who becomes happier than the rest. However, if the company has not generated enough profits in that year and could not declare any bonus, that also should be informed to all the workers so that they do not lay any wrong expectation and later feel hurt.

Organize dinner for your workmen:-

This can be work as a good get-together where people from various departments will meet at one place and perhaps for the first time they will not talk about work and business but will be there to have fun and make the evening a memorable one. You can even organize some cultural shows where the participation of the workers will be a must. This will also allow them a chance to display their skills other than what is required in their work. Programs like these will help in strengthening the bonding of the employee and the employer. These activities do not usually happen in many construction companies and if you take the initiative and organize these activities, it will lead to lower the attrition rate of the company.

Give gifts or shopping vouchers to your employees:-

Construction companies often get shopping or restaurant vouchers from many sources. The companies can distribute those vouchers to the top performer or if it wants to give it to everybody it can do that as well. In order to motivate your employees, you do not have to spend money from your company’s reserves. It’s a gift that you get from someone and you give it out to someone else and make their day.

Veterans should focus on new entrants and guide them throughout

In every industry the role of veterans in nurturing the business cannot be ruled out. They play a pivotal role in shaping up the future of the company and also the career of many individuals who learn from them. At the same time they also earn a special place in the company and if ever the company goes through a rough patch, it is the veterans in the company that secures their place in the company. They are probably the last one to be kicked out. The experienced ones however have to make this place for themselves by giving their time and paying attention on the new guys. It is the experienced lot who can train the new guns about the systems in place and the process of work along with the culture that is followed in the company. In a nutshell they have a big role to play irrespective of what industry they belong to.

Veterans have a stronger role to play when it comes to the construction sector. This sector being quite vast in nature, it takes years for a person to learn things and to master them. People commit lot of mistakes when they are new to work and with every mistake they take a step forward in learning something new. Veterans can make things a bit simple for them by providing them with proper guidance and showing them the correct way to get the assigned work done. Construction business is not only a vast one but also quite complex and the newcomers will for sure find it difficult to comprehend things in the beginning. They need someone who can walk them through the initial phases and be with them whenever they need their advice.

Try to become their mentor:-

The newbie who get into the construction sector look for people who can turn out to be their mentors. They may come across many people who will help them. The new guys will try to pick a mentor out of the many people whom they feel is able to guide them in the most appropriate manner. The work of a mentor is undoubtedly a difficult one as he will be bothered with all sorts of questions. It will be a real test of his patience and he needs to prove his credibility by being calm and answer their queries as and when it shows up. After spending anytime between 8-10 years in an industry one becomes a veteran but you need special qualities to become a mentor and not everybody can become one. It is only those who have sound knowledge about his work and can calmly impart it to their juniors and subordinates can ultimately possess the quality of becoming a mentor.

Be a problem solver:-

Day in and out the new guys will come across new things and that will indeed riddle them and compel them to ask questions. Now if they turn up to you, they come to you with believe that you have the potential to answer them. This is when you also need to do your best and try to solve the problem they are in. Try to be a problem solver. This will mean a lot to them.

Loyalty of employees is important in the construction industry

It is perhaps the human resource that defines the future of any company and as far as the overall industry is concerned, human resources play a significant role in shaping it up. It is the talent that every man and woman possesses that defines the destiny of the company and simultaneously of the industry. There are people who change jobs to get a hike in their package. The other company who hires them finds their credentials suiting the needs of the company and therefore they pick them by giving a higher package. But it is certainly not a wise thing to lose your efficient men to others. They are leaving your company for a reason and it is important to understand that reason do every possible thing to retain them. Now you can’t force them to quit but you can certainly offer them something that they can’t refuse. It simply does not make any sense to lose your employees who have been in the company for the last many years.

The importance of employees is largely felt in the construction sector. Competent employees are paid real well and if one gets a chance to work for a big construction house then he can definitely expect a better package. In this entire situation, there is someone who is at a loss and it is the construction company who is losing an employee. They call it attrition. There are some construction companies whose attrition rate is really high. This means that the company is either not doing well which is why people look for other prospects or they do not take good care of the employee.

Every construction company should value their employees. The loyalty of the employees really matter and if you do not give them their worth then they will search for it at some other place. You have to understand that if an employee is there with the company for many years then he has also set some expectation and it is the duty of the employer to fulfill those expectations. Don’t take their loyalty for granted. Do not ever think that they are with you because they do not have anywhere else to go. If you think this then it will only hurt you in the long run.

Treat your employees with dignity. Try to at least offer your smile and if someone wishes you reply to him. By this you are respecting them and treating them with dignity. Make them feel that they are important to the company. They should be excited to come to work every day. The day the excitement ends, they will start looking for other options.

When you have an employee who have been with you for the many years and has now offered his resignation, you should probably sit with him and try to know the reasons why he wants to quit. If he wants to start his own business, you should probably wish him all the best but if he is intending to switch to some other construction house then you should try to know what you can do to retain his loyalty. You never know he may stay with you if you offer him something wonderful.

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Make this Christmas special for your employees

In today’s mechanical world, we perhaps do not have much reason to smile, to laugh or to enjoy. Thankfully, we have few festivals that give us the opportunity to enjoy lives, probably the very reason why we are all here. Festivals bring happiness into our dull life that has been saturated by hard work and never ending targets. Well, we all have deadlines and we should complete our work in that time. But at the same time, we should not forget that we are humans and not some machine that are just meant to work. In this time bound culture, we have also forgot to socialize which is why today there is a need of Social Networking Websites which in a way helps us all to remain bonded with each other.

Having said this, social media is again virtual in nature and in order to socialize in real, we need an occasion where we can just shut our shops and get together, meet people, enjoy and have fun. Christmas is one such perfect occasion that let us forget all our miseries, pain and problem and help us to live our lives like humans. But no festival is complete without lavish food, gifts for your dear ones and proportionate money to buy few luxuries at least once in a year.

The workers in a construction company work all day in a relatively risky environment where they always have a probable threat to their life. Still they work for the development of the nation. They are the most important pillars needed for nation building and therefore it becomes the responsibility of the construction companies to ensure that they make their Christmas special. It may be a one-time affair for the companies but the employees will remember it all throughout the year. The companies should as a goodwill gesture provide the employees with bonus so that they can buy gifts for their children, take them out to a restaurant, guys who are not married can have a blast partying out with their friends and people who are looking to go for a vacation can make good use of the bonus money.

If it is a new construction company, then it may not be able to give bonus in the first year as it may not incur much profit to distribute bonus. However, if possible give your employees some gift vouchers or simply buy them some gift which will be of some use to them. You can also commit them of expecting more in the forthcoming year and tell them the reason why you could not give them any bonus. But if the company makes decent profit in the very first year, you should then give some bonus.

Today we all buy stuffs online and therefore you can also give them e-coupons which they can use while making a purchase online. Construction companies do get such coupons from various distributors. In case, if you have lot of e-coupons available with you, you can give it away to your employees. This will definitely make their day and perhaps a Merrier Christmas for them.

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Construction business needs good leaders

We all have the fear of failure that often pulls us down and stops us from thinking big or doing something big in life. However, there are few who believe themselves more than anything else and their belief tells them that there is nothing that can stop them. No failure can be big enough to stop him from pursuing his dreams. These kinds of men eventually become leaders in their profession. Leaders are often men with a vision in their lives. They can foresee what others can’t and often has the capability to identify the hidden potential in a human. This capability of theirs can take them to greater heights as they can have all the capable men working for him and in this process he can be prove to be an exceptional business owner or an individual. The construction business like any other business is short of leaders. It needs people who not only possess self-belief but can also motivate others and help them identify their potential.

Leaders should command respect:-

Men who can command respect can eventually turn out into strong leaders. For a leader, his men mean a lot and for the men the leader should mean a lot. The relevance a strong leader can have in the construction business is he/she can ask people to work extra when they are working on strict deadlines. Construction workers normally do not work like to work extra as they normally do not have any energy left after a long days’ work. But if a person whom they look upon asks them to work for a couple of hours more they may not want to say no to him/her. This is what respect is all about. The workers will agree to work merely out of respect and nothing else can bind them to continue working after their working hours.

Have complete faith on your employee’s potential:-

A good leader is the one who has complete potential on his men. In the construction sector, you will come across many men who will be allotted for different work. It is up to the leader to bring the best out of them. He/she needs to understand and detect their hidden potential and give the guys the courage to do something phenomenal. We normally live in a shell and as long as someone realizes us about our strengths we make our own comfort zone in the shell and continue to live in it. This is where the role of a leader comes into play. He/she has to make his/her men or women realize their hidden potential and what they can do in their lives. This will mean a lot to them and they will strive harder to accomplish their goals.

Be a good listener:-

A good leader is the one who is a good listener and not just a good speaker. You can speak on an issue when you know what the problem is and for that you need to listen to people. Always be open to listen to others so that they can talk their heart out to you and you in turn can bring some kind of solution to them.

Let safety of your employees come first

A construction or a mining jobsite is often considered as a danger zone for people who are working in it and also for the ones who steps in for their individual reasons. Accidents are prone to happen in such kind of jobsite where the loss can be limited to just heavy equipment or can even injure the workers working on the site. If the loss is restricted to heavy equipment then that is manageable. You can fix a machine by repairing its dent or simply replacing the vital part and can get back the machine with the same vigor. But if an employee or a group of employees are injured in the accident then that can lead to a bigger problem. You can’t fix that because it if they get seriously injured in any accident that scar will remain for the rest of their lives. It is therefore very important to understand how crucial the safety of your employees is that you just can’t compromise at all on that front.

The steps that you can take to ensure that your employees are safe at the jobsite are as follows.

Train your employees on first aid:-

All the employees on the jobsite should be well trained with first aid procedures. The training should be conducted by experts in the field of paramedics. An employee can even injure himself without even contacting any external force. For instance, he has been given to pick a big sledgehammer and has been asked to disintegrate a strong structure using it and while doing so he sprains up his muscle and is now not able to move an inch. He is perhaps finding uncomfortable to even sit on the ground. The workers around him should know the first aid that they can give him to ease his situation and make him feel comfy till the paramedics show up at the jobsite.

Wearing accessories that keeps you safe is a must:-

Make it mandatory for everyone who is working on the jobsite to wear necessary accessories that will protect him from potential perils. A person who is monitoring the progress on the jobsite should at least wear a helmet so that while passing through a tall rise, if even a small stone falls on his head, he will not get hurt by that. Operators working on heavy equipment should buckle up and wear gloves so that they do not injure their hands by touching something that is hot. They should also be wearing boots all the time while they are inside the cabin and the quality of the boots should be such that it does not hurt their legs and also not make it sore when they remove it.

Water storage should be adequate:-

Employees working during summer get easily dehydrated. They need to drink sufficient water to keep their bodies hydrated and full of energy. Therefore there should be a water storage facility around the jobsite where all the employees can fill in water in their bottles and keep sipping it whenever they feel thirsty.



Engage with your employees to make a construction company successful

The success of any business is sheer hard work and the way you engage with your employees. Working hard is just one part of the success story but there is more that makes a business successful. People owning a construction business may understand the importance of talking regularly with the employees. They got to check if the people working in his company are happy working there or do they need any sort of benefits or require any upgrade in the heavy equipment. Not talking with your employees on a regular basis can make them feel that you do not care for them any longer and you only need them to get your work done. That actually puts you in a very negative frame as people may take you as a self-centered and selfish person. Therefore, you should make sure that you come down to meet with your employees at least once in a month and check about their well-being. It is not possible for you to remember each and everybody’s names but try to remember few of them. This might give them the feeling that you indeed care for them.


Engaging with your employees can be fruitful to your company in a number of ways.

It sets up a long lasting bonding:-

Setting up a healthy relationship is important for the success of any business. It is very crucial to set up a strong bonding with the people with whom you will be working day in and day out. It may be possible that you would be working from a remote site and would be monitoring their performances from that location but still you will be part of the same team that aims towards taking the company to the zenith. This motive of yours is only possible if you establish a strong bonding with your employees. They are the ones who have the potential to make or break your company. See that all their needs are fulfilled and they return home happily with the enthusiasm to come again to work the other day. If you engage regularly with your employees, it will help in setting up the bonding that is needed for the success of your business.

Employees will be dedicated to their work:-

A person can work hard only when he is dedicated to do so and what will make your employee dedicated towards his work. The answer to this lies again on the way you set up your relationship with them. If you are in good terms with your employees and do everything to keep them happy, they in turn will be more inclined to their job but if you are not good with them, they might act as a troublemaker for you. That is no way going to be healthy for your company and you should avoid any situation where there is any confrontation with your employees. On the contrary, you should seek ways by which you can solve their problems if they have any and try to get them back to work.












Give your employees the opportunity to grow

People ideally have the notion that construction sector is a highly rewarding sector and if they are able to perform in this industry, then they can really make it big. They see a lucrative career in this industry and hence try to stick with it even during turbulent times. Therefore it also becomes the responsibility of the employer to reward employees who have performed consistently for the last few years. They should be given with additional work and if they are able to perform well at all times then should rightly deserve a raise in their position.

Giving opportunity will help them learn new dimensions:-

Construction industry is a wide and dynamic sector and it may take ages for one to learn it in totality. Deserving employees should be given the opportunity to learn new things in this sphere. Before you give them the chance to learn anything new, check if they are interested in widening their horizon to learn more about this industry or they are happy doing the same work but just want to lead a team. The aspirations of your employees matters a lot when you want them to take up any additional responsibility. At the same time, you should also check what they are good in. Are they good leaders who have the potential to command respect or they are good in managing administrative work or simply desire to learn the next level. Whatever the case may be, you got to take the onus and understand what they want.

If needed, you arrange your human resource team to speak with outstanding employees and check their field of interest. The people from the human resource may be in a better position to understand their desires and accordingly you can chalk out something for them.

Provide them with options and let them pick up that suit them:-

It has been noticed that lot of times employees do not know what is the next level of work that they should be learning. After having worked in one kind of work, either they get bored of it or they become so used to it that they do not want to leave doing that. They like to stay in their comfort zone and doing anything else apart from that is a strict no. It is important that they become comfortable with their job but do not devote their entire life doing just that. You have to take them out of their comfort zone and hand over few other works. This process will help them to develop and learn more about the business. It is advisable that you give them options and guide them on what they should pursue. This will play a vital role in their overall growth in the construction industry. These men will then become valuable asset for you and there are chances that they will also remain loyal to the company.

Your employees are one of the most important resources of your company and taking initiative to help them grow will eventually help your company to grow.

Compromising On Safety Standards Can Risk The Life Of Your Employees

A construction site is never meant for children. The reason is that these sites are full of dangers. Dangers that we can’t foresee and they can come upon at any time from any corner of the site if things are left in a haphazard manner. Though all construction sites are meant to follow some safety parameters, accidents happen when they fail to follow those parameters and take an unwanted risk, which leads to untoward incidents. Well, it is very critical to first understand the value of a human life and once that is realized things will start falling in place. Other than that, workers should also understand the importance of safety measures in a work environment like this. The workers during many instances have to work very high above the ground and it is during such instances, if they do not take proper safety precautions, things may turn dangerous for them.

So how can one incur the practice of following the safety measures at all times in the construction premises? Firstly, the employees should be given proper training and must be made aware of the importance of the training. The employees should take the training very seriously and that can happen only when they understand how crucial the training is to them. Show them videos where employees in a construction site are wearing all the required accessories that will help them to remain safe. Also train them on first aid facilities and what they should do prima facie when an accident occurs. Overall, you would be gearing them up with all the required information that will help them to save someone’s life.

Working under an experienced person will prove to be very beneficial to the newbie. They may not have the experience to deal with situations. Given required training will let them know what to do but if they have someone experienced by their side, it always make things easier. More to this, the experienced guy may also share his experiences with them which will be a good learning to them.

New safety devices are the need of the hour. You can’t hold on to the same old stuff which was being used a decade ago. There are new things coming up in the market which can give better protection to your employees from any eventuality and incorporating those things will definitely not harm the finances your business in any manner.

Implementing stringent rules are a must in this form of an industry. Be it construction or mining industry, safety of the employees come first. Therefore, it becomes the onus of the company to ensure that all the employees are rigorously following the safety guidelines while they are at work. If required, you can ask their supervisors to check if all the workers have worn their safety stuffs before starting their work.

It’s better to be safe rather than being sorry about things that were well in your control. Compromising on safety measures can cost you big time.