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Renting a water truck can prove to be a lot helpful

A construction or mining project however big or small it is, it spread a lot of dust all around which causes tremendous problems for the people working on the jobsite. The only solution to this is spray water on the dust and settles it down. Now you can’t have your water storage move across the jobsite. It is virtually not possible as it is a non-portable structure and will not simply move. So the best available option with you is to make use of a water truck and spray it all over the jobsite by driving the truck to each of its corner. This may sound to be an added investment though but will be really worth for the smooth functioning of the project and also it protects your employees for any airborne disease. But buying a truck only for the purpose to spray water may prove to be very expensive and one may not buy it to take care of one specific cause. Therefore, the simplest way out will be to take it on rent.

There are many heavy equipment companies who manufacture water trucks and based on the goodwill and brand value of the company, the rental value of the truck is determined. However, there will not be a drastic difference in the rental value of the truck. So one can go for a water truck manufactured by the best heavy equipment manufacturing company without worrying much about the recurring rental amount and speed up the completion work of the project.

Now there are many ways through which you can take the truck on rent but there are 2 specific ways that are used by most of the mining and construction companies. The first is contacting the heavy equipment rental companies who will get them any sort of heavy equipment under the sun by charging a nominal fee and the second is by checking water trucks on website that deals with sales and lease of heavy equipment. The first option can prove to be a little healthier one.

The heavy equipment rental companies cater heavy equipment to the construction and mining companies. They are associated with almost every contractor or construction companies in the town and they provide all kinds of machines that are needed in the mining and construction industry. So reaching out to these men will help as they will be able to locate if anybody wants to rent their water truck. They may charge a small percentage of commission or fees from you and will get you exactly what you need.

In the second option, you have to take your call as you will not have anybody to take immediate advice from. You can visit any online portal that deals in renting heavy equipment and search for water trucks. You will get to see people who want to rent their trucks. Check out the description mentioned on the listing and if everything suits your requirement, you can call the party and finalize the deal. In this case you do not have to pay anything to the site as the site will be charging listing fees from the giver.

Use Water Trucks to control Dust on the jobsite

The sight of a construction site is not restricted to just heavy equipment or workers working on the site but you can get to see something more, something that is dangerous in nature and it is huge proportion of dust flying on site. It is pretty natural for a construction site to b dusty but that is also taking its toll on the workers. They are getting vulnerable to various kinds of respiratory ailments which is making them weak from inside. This is a very serious issue and not much is being done to restrict this menace.

Researchers working with human health benefits organizations and other environmental friendly techniques suggest that the growing problem of dust in a construction site can be contained by spraying water which has the potential to settle the dust for some time and the workers can continue with their businesses. Since this idea has been implemented in various construction sites, there has also been a debate on the effectiveness of this method. Many feel that this is only leading to the waste of the most useful natural resource and water is not able to contain the dust for a long time. The moment water is evaporated from the soil; it gets dusty again which means that it is time to sprinkle water again on the ground. This in turn results to wastage of gallons of water just to contain the dust. Moreover, the mechanism used by construction companies to sprinkle water is also questioned.

Most of the companies sprinkle water using large pipes. That only covers a portion of the construction site but not the complete area. It makes no sense to pour water to contain dust only in one particular portion of the site. What is indeed needed is a mechanism that moves all over the site and sprinkles water everywhere so that the land is wet and dust is off the site for few hours. This gives need to the use of water trucks that can go all around the site and do its work. Construction companies are now changing their methods of dust control from using pipes to carrying water in trucks and spraying them all over the site.

These water trucks are specifically designed to carry water and can move on the site. Though they are used precisely for carrying water but can also be used to transport debris from one place to another. They are made to move real slowly so that they do not become the reason of accumulating dust and spraying it all over. They also make use of pipes to spray water but the outlet of the pipe is made in such a way that the water gets sprinkled on the ground thus restricting wastage of water.

Almost all heavy equipment producing companies manufactures water trucks. You can check the website of any such company that is into manufacturing heavy equipment and you will get to see the different models of water trucks produced by them.

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