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Cat 953 Track Loader is one of the best of its kind

For contractors who are into excavating work often find a track loader as a good substitute for a full scale excavator. Though it can’t completely replace an excavator because of its phenomenon features, it can nevertheless play a crucial role in excavation work and can do a lot more other activities which can’t be expected from an excavator. Overall, a track loader is a heavy equipment that is capable of performing tasks that are ideally performed by other heavy equipment.

It has the potential to do all the work for which we normally seek the help of other heavy equipment but it somehow lacks to perform the job that is done by the core machines under certain set of conditions. This is perhaps one of the reasons why mostly all construction companies will want to possess a track loader. For instance, an excavating company will possess an excavator but at the same time will also keep a track loader handy. The track loader will perform jobs while the excavator is busy excavating. Thus the construction company will be able to complete its work in time.

Contractors prefer using CAT track loaders as they find it to be convenient and user friendly. The acceptability of CAT track loaders has increased all the more with the arrival of the CAT 953 loaders. The net power of the loader is 110 hp which is phenomenal in this class of machine. It also has a displacement of 317.3 cu in. Moving towards the operational part of the machine, the operating weight of the machine is 14098 kg. The total fuel capacity and hydraulic system fluid capacity of the machine is 192 liters and 58 liters respectively. The capacity of the bucket when struck is 1.3 m3 and when heaped is 1.5 m3. It has a maximum speed of 10.4 km per hour.

If we check the undercarriage segment of the tracker, the track show width is 380mm and the number of track rollers per side is 6. The length of the track on ground is 7.5 ft in with a ground contact area of 1.7 m2 and ground pressure of 11.3psi. The dimension of the loader just meets the industry standards. The total length of the loader with the bucket on ground is 19.2 ft in and the width to outside of track is 7.2ft in. The total height of the machine to the top of the cab is 10.1ft in and has a ground clearance of 1.2ft in.

CAT has also manufactured multi-terrain loaders such as 257D, 277D, 287D etc. These loaders are considerably tougher as compared to the conventional ones. They have the potential to perform at rough terrains where the land is ultra-muddy or you have to work on a slope and still stay fixed to the ground. You definitely need special types of machines for unconventional jobs and CAT has been successfully able to meet the demands of the customers and keep itself in the top most position.

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Don’t Go For Any Track Loader – Be Brand Conscious Go For Caterpillar

When you buy things that can either make your career or break it, it is recommended that you buy the best stuff. Similarly when it comes to buying heavy equipment for your construction project, don’t just trust any company. Select the best out of the lot and buy the one that is user friendly and will last longer than others. Undoubtedly there are several brands available in the market and it may often confuse us to determine the one that we should go for. That is indeed a tricky moment and only an expert advice may come handy to get you off the dilemma. Experts who have been in this industry for years trust Caterpillar products over other heavy equipment manufacturing companies. The reasons can be many including excellent reviews from the consumers, intrinsic market research and analysis done by its engineers and the reliability of the machines along with high end performance.

We would be covering why one should be buying a Caterpillar track loader, the features of the machine and intrinsic values that makes it different and unique from the rest in the crowd.

Before you buy a track loader, it is critical to understand its requirement in your business. There are various models of caterpillar loaders available and one need to realize what model is he looking for which largely depends on the use of it and the kind of project he has with him. We would be discussing about Caterpillar 953 track loader which has a net power of 110 horsepower.  It has an operating weight of 31080 lb and has a fuel capacity of 50.7 gallon. Research has disclosed that mostly all Caterpillar Track loaders consume less fuel which makes them more reliable and cost effective. Consumers want machines that they can rely on and also something that does not burn their pocket by just paying for the fuel. This machine has a maximum speed of 6.4 mile per hour which is steady if not very fast. Overall, it is an ideal machine to meet everybody’s needs.

Caterpillar track loaders can be best bought directly from the company itself. You only have to get in touch with them over the phone or visit their office and select the model you want to buy. You may as well disclose your situation to them so that you leave them to analyze what they have to suggest you.  If you feel that they have something good to suggest and you should go by what they say, then you better go for it or else you stick to your plan and buy what you feel is the best for you. Buying the track loader directly from the manufacturing company may get you some discounts which you otherwise may not get it elsewhere.

More to this, you can get service guarantee and warranty from the company that ensures to replace any part of the machine that goes faulty within the guarantee period. By and large, it will be a deal that will keep you happy for long.


Track Loaders- An Important Construction Machine. How Does It Actually Work?

The use of heavy equipment is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the construction industry. If you are into the arena of construction, then you will have to acknowledge the power that these machines have over the smooth functioning of the industry. Without the correct operation of heavy equipment the construction industry will cease to function. Among the many construction equipment on the block, the track loader can definitely be said to occupy place of pride in the industry.

What Is A Track Loader?

The one question that must be answered before anything else is what exactly is a track loader? You must have seen this large machinery in the construction site that loads debris and earth from one place to another. Well, that is what is called the track loader. Track loaders are just another category of construction equipments that is used for moving earth, bricks and mortar in construction sites. Advancement in technology is leading to the decrease in size of this heavy equipment by a certain factor every year, but that does not really affect the capacity of the machine in any way.

The Working of a Track Loader

The track loader is an important part of the construction industry- yes. But have you ever wondered how does it exactly work? In a majority of commercial vehicles, it is seen that the wheels are under the chassis. But things are a bit different in case of the track loaders- it has tracks that somewhat resemble the military tank. The main purpose of the track loader, i.e., digging and loading is performed by the loader that is attached to the front end of the machinery. What makes the track loader such popular equipment in the construction industry is its ability to multi task- it is effectively an excavator, wheel loader and excavator rolled into one.

It must however be noted that the Track Loader has undergone significant alterations in its design ever since its introduction in the construction forum. The early track loaders were modelled to fit the bill of the tractors with “scratch built loading extensions”. They were somewhat similar to the bulldozers of the time and hence were not suitable enough to dig the soil. Operated by means of a cable they were primarily functioned as a tool meant for stowing vehicles and moving bricks, mortar and earth.

The hydraulic system that makes the track loader as we know it today, aids in increasing the overall capacity of the loader, thereby enabling the loader to put a downward pressure on the bucket, which in turn, allows the track loader to dig the soil. However, this puts a certain amount of strain on the undercarriage of the machine, thus leading to wear and tear of the same. The turn of the track loader into the refined equipment that is used today happened with the introduction of the hydrostatic drive mechanism.

The great power and multi tasking ability of the track loader, thus, makes it an indispensible part of the construction business.

Want to Take a Track Loader on Rent – Find out Here

In order to run the construction business smoothly, it is very important to have the right machines put them to do the right job. You can’t imagine buying the machine only after you get some projects in hand, because projects are also given on the basis of confidence the giver has on the taker. But what happens when you have just started the business and you already see a financial crunch in buying machines. More to this, heavy equipments are known to be very expensive and not everybody can afford to buy one. Therefore, it’s advisable to take them on rent and when you are approaching for a new project, ensure that you win the confidence of the giver by stating that you’d be taking the equipments on rent and that there won’t be any halt in the work due to non-availability of machine.

We would be discussing how can one locate a lessor and take a track loader on rent.

Other construction companies:-  If you know someone who has a construction business can has a track loader idle, you may approach him and check if they are willing to give it on rent. The price could be negotiated depending upon the quality of the machine and since how long it has been working. You can also take help of operators/heavy equipment mechanics who has information of people holding track loaders and wanting to give them on rent. You can imply this mode to find the equipment quickly and taking the help of a mechanic would also ensure that you get the right stuff.

Searching it online:-  Internet has become the medium which can bring millions of people at one place, which is undoubtedly your computer. Well with the help of this technology, people have started using it as a platform to buy and sell products. Right from books, clothing and shelter to cars and heavy equipments you name it and you can buy it on internet. All you have to do is mention what you’re looking for in the search engine and it will throw desired results. You can easily check the model of the track loader you want for your business and the amount of rent you need to be paying.

These online selling sites give you the freedom to check what other lessor has in store for you. For instance, if you’re not happy with the rent amount of one lessor, you can look out for someone else. The option never easily dries out. Alternatively, you can also go through the features of the track loader and check if this is what you are looking for. It definitely makes your job lot simpler.

Newspaper classifieds:-  Newspapers are filled with advertisements from people looking out to rent their machines. You only need to check who wants to rent a track loader and get in touch with him. Try to fix an appointment with him and while you go to meet him, take an expert along with you who knows every in and out of track loader. You can request the owner to allow the expert to test it and only if you’re convinced, you can crack the deal.



Heavy Equipment for rent and sale

Heavy Equipment for rent and sale