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Sprinkle water to keep the construction site dust free

It becomes difficult to breathe while you are inside a construction site. The amount of dust that you can see all around the site will make you wonder how the employees are working in such a perilous zone. They might contact any air borne disease which could be quite fatal to them. Also comes into the mind the necessary steps the company is taking to keep the dust under control. Well, frankly where construction is in full swing, dust is bound to flow in the environment and nothing much can be done by anybody to contain it. However, there is one step that can be taken to contain dust and it is to sprinkle water at regular intervals so that the water pulls the dust on the ground and allows fresh air to breathe. But there are places where there is water scarcity in that particular area. In such places, even sprinkling water can be a problem.

In order to bring dust under control, there is no other medium other than spraying water on the ground and if at all there is any other way to contain this problem then that will be very expensive, probably out of the reach of many construction companies. They will certainly not want to invest a good chunk of money to keep the dust level under control. Though it is a must to equip and implement whatever process you can to keep the construction site dust free, construction companies would not want to adopt any expensive modes. So this leaves them with the option of spraying water.

For places where there is water in abundance, construction companies can store gallons of water in a storage tank and then later fill it up in a truck that has a pipe attached to it and then use the truck to spray water all over the site. By doing this, you make the process portable; which means you need not have a large pipe that goes across the entire corner of the jobsite. One can only imagine this and wonder how tedious it will be for the person who moves around the jobsite with the pipe spraying water. For a big construction site, using a water tanker that can move while spraying water is the best option. Please do not make use of fresh drinking water for this purpose. You will only end up finishing your resources sooner than you have thought.

You can make use of water that you get while excavating earth. Though the proportion of that water will be quite limited for your use, you can also make use of saline water of the sea. For that, you need to make necessary arrangements to port water from the seabed to the construction site. This exercise may prove to be a bit expensive but certainly advisable rather than exhausting the fresh water to control dust. Using nozzles while sprinkling water is recommended as it not only settles down the dust but also allows it to return to the ground making it a convenient process of dust control.

A brief discussion on the construction cones – know its usage and types

Constructions are very common in the present era, where new constructions are taking place everywhere. Be it a building, a road or even other huge constructions, there is one thing that needs to be taken care of and that is safety. Construction sites are always associated with possible dangers, hazards and accidents. Though the construction site workers know the areas in a site that are more danger prone and accident prone, the passers-by, the travellers in the road might unknowingly enter this zone.

Hence, it is a must that safety measures are properly taken to ensure that the passers-by, the travellers and the cars driving on the roads are made aware of the possible danger. This is what the construction cones can help the workers with.

What are the construction cones?

Amongst the many safety measure tools that are used in a construction site, the cones are the most important ones. As the name suggests, these are made up of a conical shape. Usually, the colour is a bright orange; however, at times the colour of these construction site safety cones can even be made up of a fluorescent green colour. These cones mark the possibility of hazard within a certain zone and by placing the cones, the danger area is marked.

These cones are usually made up of high quality PVC plastic. The better is the quality of the plastic; the better will be its performance and longevity. In most cases, the cones are heavy at the bottom, so that they do not get twisted or turned over easily by wind.

Variety of construction cones:

  • Non-reflective cones:


These types of construction cones come in a plain base colour like orange or fluorescent green or rarely some other colours. They do not have any reflective bands used on them. Hence, in case there is no light in the area, where these cones will be used, they might not be very suitable to notify the possibility of danger or hazard in the area.

  • Reflective cones:


These cones have reflective collars, so that in dark atmospheres, when light reflects on these cones, they hazardous zone can easily be identified. This way, the passers-by and also the cars on the roads can understand and identify the area that is to be avoided.

Areas of usage of these construction cones:

Visibility is the purpose of using these construction cones. These can be used in all the areas, where caution needs to be taken in order to avoid accidents. The most widely used areas are –

  • At building constructions
  • Near road constructions
  • To conduct traffic control.


Now that you have understood about the importance of these cones at the construction sites, it is a must that you buy the good quality ones with proper weight and height. This way, the cones will be visible from a distance and will also withstand strong winds. The colour, height and weight must be considered during your purchase of these cones. Buying the reflective ones is a must, when they ate being used on the roads.

A site engineer has to carry a lot of responsibility on his shoulders

A construction site is not a pleasant site as it is filled with dust and dirt all around but you will still find people working on the site just to make sure that things move smoothly. The work of the labors are tough as they have to continue their job in the scorching heat of the sun but there is someone whose job is tougher than perhaps anybody in the entire construction site. It is the job of the site engineer that is considered to be tougher than anybody else. He has to look after many things and has to ensure that they all fall in place and do not go off-track.

Though he is assisted by others as well but the frequency of assistance becomes quite limited during peak business hours. At that point in time, he needs to manage everything on his own. Right from man management to monitoring the performance of work, all falls on his shoulders and he can’t shrug it off. He has to make sure that all the work that is assigned to him is done within the timeframe.

An engineer is paid on the basis of the experience he has gained in the construction industry and what kind of responsibilities he has fulfilled till now. The package of the site engineer depends majorly on the kind of activities he can handle. So reading the plan and designs is just one of his responsibilities and he is expected to do more in order to be paid more. This means that today the engineers have to go through a lot of stress as well. This is why construction companies have started recruiting people who will work directly under the site engineer and will report him of any issues that happens on the site.

The project planning engineer is different from a site engineer though both have the capability to read and understand the plans and designs. However, the site engineer in most of the cases does not have the authority to make any amendments to the existing plan and that can be done only by the project engineer. Only if the project engineer directs the site engineer to amend the project plans, he can do that. His main work is to liaise with the project engineer, communicate his instruction to the labor and heavy equipment operator. One more important function of the site engineer is to check the availability of raw materials and in case if the materials are soon going to get over then check how soon fresh supply will pour in. This is quite a crucial job where the site engineer’s skills are tested quite often.

Site engineer with the help of his team tries to resolve issues with suppliers or of the laborers or any party who is related to the job. Since he is assisted by his team, he can assign some of his work to a trusted team member and focus on other activities on the site. But eventually he becomes answerable for anything that goes wrong and therefore has to be sure of things shaping up on the site.



Heavy Equipment that builds bridges

In order to merge two cities or places that is divided by a huge mass of water, we make bridges. Bridges that are strong enough to carry the load of heavy vehicles and cars all running at the same time over it. In order to build something that needs to be so strong, one can easily imagine the kind of heavy equipment that were used to construct such a bridge. The kind of heavy equipment that one can see in a construction or a mining site may not be very useful when it comes to construction of bridges over the water but if we are building a bridge covering a small area that has more of land, then the utility of equipment like backhoe loaders or an excavator becomes essential.

Building a bridge requires deep study of the location and skilled men who can execute the work. An operator who has been working all his life operating machines in a construction site may not find this work as his cup of tea and may probably not even understand how to go ahead with a given task. It is because the kind of work he has been doing all his life is entirely different from the work that has been assigned to him.

Utility of an excavator:-

Heavy equipment like an excavator are ideally used for building bridges that does not have a huge water body beneath and it needs certain degree of excavation to be done. Excavators are usually required for building bridges. Simultaneously, it has the capability to pull out the dirt from one place and put it on the truck. Though an excavator may not be required while building bridges over a huge water body or perhaps its use is limited during the initial phase of the construction and then it is replaced by other heavy equipments.

Bulldozer is needed to level the roads:-

A bulldozer is primarily required at the time of building roads on the bridge. There are used to level the roads over the bridge. The roll of a bulldozer is also quite limited and not used extensively during the construction of a bridge.

Heavy crane bridge building machine:-

In order to build big bridges, you require huge cranes that will help to put the slabs on the face of the pillars. It is unimaginable to place those heavy slabs without the involvement of a heavy crane. These cranes are initially used to give a structure to the bridge and once the structure is formed, the slabs are placed over it with the help of these cranes. Unlike an excavator or a bulldozer which may have limited use, these cranes are extensively used during the construction of big or small bridges.

Since the making of two bridges are not the same, crane manufacturing companies have come up with different types of cranes required for the construction. Each type of crane is meant for constructing a specific kind of bridge. They comes in different shape and sizes and it varies depending upon the sort of bridge that needs to be constructed.


Why should one use Hard Hat at the construction site?

To take preventive measures against head injuries is a key factor in all safety programs. Certain occupations are susceptible to a more risky environment as compared to others. Being employed in a construction industry is one such job where the employees are compelled to take safety precautions. Even a single bruise sometimes handicapped the person for good or it can be lethal too.

Safety Hard Hats protects a person from diverse menaces. It is a kind of helmet used at the construction sites to protect the head mainly. Organizations which issue Hard Hats generally include their companies’ logos on the front portion of the hat.

Reasons of Using Hard Hat at the Construction Site

The rigid cover of the Hard Hat resists the blows. The system of suspension placed inside the hats work as a shock absorbent. Some of the hats are designed to function as an insulator against the electric shocks. It shields the face, scalp and neck of the employee spills, drips and splashes. Like welding helmets, Hard Hats are equipped with visors to protect the eyes. Mirrors are also fitted with the hats to increase the rear view of the field. A chinstrap is attached with the helmet to keep it from falling off when the wearer bends over. These hats also have a flashlight or headlamp to free the hands of the workers from holding a torch while at work. Most of the employees prefer the hats composed of brown glass as it has more balance, less weight and highly immune to stains and scrapes. The brown glass hard hats also do not let the rainwater to set drops on the hat’s edge. The small space between the head and the shell lessens the blow by at least 3 cms with the help of safety distance cushion when an object is falling vertically.

Service life span of Hard Hats

The most common misconception regarding Hard Hat is that it has a predetermined service period-but this is not true. According to the ANSI standards, all the ingredients of the Hat should be inspected daily to check the signs of cracks, dents, damages or any kind of penetration due to the everyday wear and tear. Hard Hats of MSA brand publish their own ‘Useful Service Life Guidelines’. These guidelines state the replacement of the Hard Hat after every 5 years and the suspension should be changed after 1year. The Hats which fail in the ocular inspection should be use only after rectifying the problem.

Plastic Hard Hats are sensitive to UV rays and hence can cause a problem. Problems caused by UV rays are easy to detect, as it will start to lose its glossy look. Further degradation causes the shell to flake away. Therefore, as soon as the UV damages are detected, the Hard Hat’s shell should be replaced.

Protection is the first concern of every person. So, don’t forget to put on a Hard Hat while working at the construction site.

Safety norms can’t be ignored in a construction site

Construction industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and like every big industry it also has areas that can create trouble for the owner of the business. This industry has many such areas but it seems that people have learned how to tackle them effectively and continue running the business. However, there is one such thing that recurs in spite of several steps taken by the governing body. The area is “Safety”. When we talk about Safety, it is not only limited to the safety of the people working in the site but also relates to the heavy equipment that are working along with the men. There have been several safety norms laid by companies but still accidents are bound to happen. At times, it is beyond our control but most of the time, it is within our reach. So how can something that we try to avoid safety happen so often. It is perhaps we tend to get over confident on ourselves and somehow believe that nothing is going to happen and therefore see no use of following the safety norms. This is where we lose our focus from one of the most important aspect that this industry relies on.

Wearing helmets while inside the construction site:-

We may skip to do something as simple as wearing helmets inside the construction site. While we enter the site, we probably do not see any danger but danger does not give a call before coming. A small piece of stone falling from the 20th story building can drill your head leading to serious injuries and you never know if the accident will happen to you or not. Therefore, skipping the most generic part of safety is for sure asking for trouble.

Hire qualified and experienced operators:-

We all want to save money but certainly not at the cost of our or someone else’s lives. What happens when you hire an operator who is not qualified to operate the equipment you want him to work on or for that matter you yourself want to see how it feels to be inside the cab. A wrong push of the lever and a major accident is on its way. You are not supposed to play around with things that are of so much importance. If you want to learn things, learn it from the right person. Hire a qualified and experienced operator. Even if you have to pay more to him, please do so. At least you will be assured that your men and machines will be safe.

Don’t allow the operator to do overtime:-

You may have lot of work to finish on the site for which you need the operator to work overtime. A couple of occasions of overtime are fine but do not make it a habit. Remember, operators are humans and not machines and they need proper sleep or else if they go drowsy at work.

Buy the best pickup trucks for your construction site

The construction contractors are very professional, as they like to obtain everything perfect for their company. There are many things that a contractor needs to follow to establish their company. It is very important to run a construction company successfully because if you can manage to do so then you can definitely earn huge profit from this work.  Well, to run a construction business successfully it is very important to purchase heavy equipment. Without proper heavy equipment you cannot maintain this business. Most important equipment for construction site is the pickup trucks. Well, if you are searching for a versatile as well as reliable vehicle that you can use in any occasion then you should go with the pickup trucks. It is the best equipment for your business.

You can use this vehicle in your personal or business purpose and as it is very strong equipment so, you can run it in rural areas and also in cities. There are different types of pickup trucks available in the stores. You will get different models of this equipment and each comes with different features. These different types of features actually make them perfect and well suited for different types of jobs. The pickup trucks are very useful as they can perform any kind of heavy works. But before you start to use this vehicle it is very important to know its proper usages.
When you are planning to buy pickup trucks then you should try to understand that which type of truck will be suitable for your work.   There are many new pickup trucks that are designed perfectly. You need to choose the right truck that can help you in your work and give you many advantages. There are models of two or four doors that is attached with bed and cab sizes. You can buy this vehicle from the reputed firm who can ensure highest safety facility. It is very important to maintain the safety of the vehicle because if anything wrong happens then you have to face it. So always try to maintain the safety and security properly of this vehicle.

Well, you can use this vehicle to move heavy items that you cannot move by your arms. So, it is very important that you should buy a good and reliable pickup truck that helps you to move the extra dirt and heavy loads from one place to other. With the help of this truck you can also do many other works in your construction site. So, the contractors always try to buy this vehicle.

You shouldn’t buy it from any place. Give your 100% attention and try to find out the best firm. You will get detail information on this equipment on internet. So, search the internet properly and try to find out the reputed site that offers this vehicle at cheap price.

Choose Preeminent and Cost Effective Demolition Excavator for Your Construction Site

Demolition is the known terminology among contractors and construction business owners because it refers to the destruction of a structure or edifice to construct a new building for a novel purpose. Due to the varying size and structure of the buildings different types of demolition excavators are utilised. Whether it is an old edifice or interstate viaduct, a locked plant or unused water tower – the financial side of demolition assignment basically counts on the selection of demolition excavator.

As the use of demolition excavators increases in past few years, scores of heavy equipment manufacturing companies are proffering multi talented demolition excavators that have the capability to obliterate any size of building or structure. The marvellous mechanical designs and long-lasting components assure optimal advantage in every phase of demolition. Usually, if you buy a demolition excavator from a well-renowned excavator manufacturing firm, you will surely get loads of attachment tools with it. Long reach excavator or demolition excavator is considered as the best substitute of wrecking ball. You don’t know it yet but at the end of this web page, you will have learned that if you choose the best demolition excavator, definitely it will help you in saving your money.

Top Rated Demolition Excavators

Though the process of demolition vary from one construction site to another due to the difference in the building size, but the modern demolition excavators have the ability to destruct varied size edifices easily because these are available with various attachment tools like sledge hammer, explosives, bulldozer, crowbar, excavator etc. If you are hunting for the best demolition excavator, read every word of the following points attentively:

  • W345BMH is one of the top listed demolition excavator manufactured by Caterpillar Company. This excavator is available with several attachments such as high rise cab, auxiliary hydraulics, and one piece boom and so on.
  • Another demolition excavator that falls under the top ten lists is MX447HDR. It is manufactured by Exodus Heavy Construction Equipment manufacturing concern. This excavator is obtainable with rear-view camera, material handler arrangement, cab riser and air conditioner. Its condition level grade is 5.
  • In addition to above two top rated high reach excavators, ZX450LC ultra high demolition excavator is the model of Hitachi heavy equipment manufacturing company. Its unit number is EO1127MC and engine power capacity is 350hp. If the customers desire to attach pulveriser with this excavator, they are required to pay extra cost.

Benefits of High Reach Demolition Excavators

Generally, demolition excavators are used in those industrial units where it is not possible to use explosives to demolish the buildings. In comparison to the wrecking balls, the competence of the long reach or high reach demolition excavators is much better. The contractors acknowledge it as the versatile heavy construction equipment because it performs various tasks other than demolishing for instance crushing, cutting and shearing. Long reach demolition excavator is accessible with the wrecking ball that helps the operators to control it properly. Due to its fuel efficient quality, the possessors can save money on fuel expenditure. This excavator allows the machinist to change the length of the arm to perform diverse demolition tasks.

As this web page nears the bottom, choose the best demolition excavator from the aforementioned list that completely matches with your requirements.  Selection of the suitable one helps you in enhancing your company’s brand image.


Protect Your Eyes At The Construction Site. Use Heavy Equipment Safety Glasses

One of the major concerns among those involved in the construction business today is the safety of the workers on construction sites. And it is for these reasons that the construction market is now flooded with a number of safety devices to facilitate the safety of the working community. Among all other safety gears available on the block, the safety glasses have acquired quite an important position in the entire chain of events.

The Importance of Heavy Equipment Safety Glasses

The construction area is never hazard free. Mishaps and accidents can come to the forefront in any form and cause damage to those involved in the arena in a number of ways. And one of the most vulnerable parts of the body that can be injured is the eye. It is for the prevention of the eyes from injury that manufacturers have come up with safety glasses. Available in different makes, models, styles and usage, the heavy equipment safety glasses have become an indispensible part of the entire heavy equipment safety gear.

In a survey conducted on the various accidents taking place at construction sites, it has been found that around 800,000 people suffer from eye injury every year by working at construction sites. It was also revealed that around 20% of these injuries were fatal enough to cause temporary or permanent injury to the eye. When issues regarding the prevention to these mishaps began to be taken into consideration, it was found that almost 90% of these mishaps could be avoided if one took to the use of safety glasses.

What Can Heavy Equipment Safety Glasses Prevent You From?

Heavy equipment safety glasses have acquired quite an important position in the entire safety scheme at construction sites. All the construction workers have been advised to put these safety glasses to use and they now form an important part of the safety kit of all construction workers.

  • Construction sites have flying particles of all shapes and sizes flying in various directions, and it does not really take a genius to figure out the effect that these particles can have on your eyes if they manage to penetrate them. The use of heavy equipment heavy glasses can prevent the eyes from such a thing.
  • Construction sites may also involve working with electrical equipment.  There is every chance that as a heavy equipment operator can get a sting of the flying sparks in the eyes. Heavy equipment safety glasses can save the day anytime for the workers.

There cannot be any doubt about the fact that dealing with heavy equipment can be the cause of lot of mishaps in the construction arena. The eyes being one of the most vulnerable organs of your body have been found to be more prone to damage than any other part. The heavy equipment safety glasses have been found to be indispensible in this case.


Safety protocol one needs to follow in a construction site

A construction site encounters damage and destruction to concrete as well as use of heavy equipment. It is very likely that unfortunate events and accidents occur on a construction site. Therefore it is very important to maintain certain safety measurements on the site so that no mishap takes place due to the construction.

Most common accidents that take place on the construction site are:

  • If someone falls to the place where excavation has been done and there has been a collapse, then there can be a serious threat to the life of the person.
  • There have also been events where workers get stuck into the material that has been poured into the hollow in order to fill the excavation.
  • Heavy equipment driven into the excavated zone can also cause severe damage by bringing a collapse to the site.
  • Heavy equipment emitting harmful fumes can also cause accidents.
  • If there is a flood on the construction site, it is very likely that many accidents can occur.

Safety measures:

  1. If there is an excavation or trench, it should be made sure that the sides of the excavation are sloped to a 45° angle. To prevent any collapse, the trench should be supported by timber.
  2. For stopping the vehicles or heavy equipment from sliding into the trench, a stop block that is well anchored should be placed.
  3. Lights are very important at a construction site. Inadequate light causes many accidents and a little care can stop them very easily.
  4. To make sure that there is no possibility of the workers to fall from the construction heights even if they slip from the edge, there should be a well knit net platform spread adjacent to the building that will save them.
  5. In case the workers are working inside the excavated site, and there is a flood, or a poisonous fume generating inside the excavation, it is very important that there is an easy and swift way out from the excavation. At every frequent gap, there should be a ladder to escape the trench in emergency.

Other safety measures:

When the workers are working in the excavation, many a times accidents occur due to the storage of materials on the surface of the trench. Heavy load of these materials makes the timber support lose their strength or even the side walls also lose their support and there occurs a slide of the walls and all those construction materials into the trench. So, construction materials should be kept away from the excavation sites. Workers should work as a team, so that if there is any mishap, the others can at least try to save them. Signalling system must be very strong. First aid and ambulance must be available at the construction site to manage any damage or loss. All the heavy equipment like excavators, cranes and others must be checked before use. Trained and professional workers only should working at the construction site.


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