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Heavy equipment mechanic freelancer

Works that not many can do are paid more than for work that are simple and does not require much know-how. The work of a heavy equipment mechanic is quite complex in many ways and it requires many years of experience for a mechanic to become an expert in his field. This is probably the reason why he earns a lot irrespective of him being associated to any company or not. An established mechanic has the option to work as a freelancer for companies that he has been previously working with. He does not need to work hard on marketing his work in order to obtain clients. He already makes enough of them while he begins his career as a heavy equipment mechanic. This is one of the many positive of becoming a heavy construction equipment mechanic. In order to become heavy equipment mechanic one needs to have the flair towards construction machines. If only you want to know how it works will you be able to understand the various issues that can possibly happen in a machine and also the way out for each of the issue.

Get into a famous heavy equipment institution:-

This is the first and the most important thing that you should do in order to become a competent mechanic. Try to find information of various institutions that imparts knowledge and training to young minds on heavy equipments. There you will come across various segments related to heavy equipments. You can further decide if you want to change your course to something else and if you want to do so you should do it then. For the first year you will be given basic training on heavy equipments where you can strengthen your understanding for heavy equipments. The second year is crucial because that is the year when you will have to pick a stream. If you feel you will become a good mechanic then you should go for it.

Practical lessons are quite important:-

It is important to have some bookish knowledge but the real fun is when you take things in your own hand. Getting practical lessons will hone your skills further and you will develop into a better professional. Do not miss sessions where you will be given practical lessons. Dealing with machines on your own is a separate feeling altogether and especially when you are taken to different heavy equipment companies for site visit you get to see the real professionals working on machines. This is when you get to learn the most. Ask questions to them on things that you do not understand but do not irritate them by asking too many questions. After all they are working and they can’t afford to commit a mistake.

Years of consistency can lead you to become a freelancer:-

We want people to work for us who have consistently done well throughout their career. Therefore you got to be consistent with your work and people should know you for your good work. After spending quite a time working as a mechanic in heavy equipment companies you can set up a workshop and work as a freelancer.

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Heavy equipment mechanic is a good career option

Ideally one should get into a job that he likes to do and not do because the job can give him good earning opportunities. That should never be the intention of a person to take up a job. If he does so then he will soon see the point of saturation and will not want to work in that stream anymore. He has wasted all his years doing something that he never wanted to do in the first place. So a person needs to be wise enough to select his career and even if the occupation that he likes to do does not fetch good money, he should get into it. Competent people are never put of work for a long time and they never run out of money as well. Becoming heavy equipment mechanic is a good career option as long as you like the profession and you feel that it can give you job satisfaction. It definitely has good earning avenues as you can work for a construction company or can be a freelancer or can do both at the same time. It is all up to you and the way you want to do things.

Heavy equipment mechanics are given high respect as others understand what they are dealing with. A person who understands the construction industry also understands how complex machines can be and people who have taken the responsibility to fix those complex machines they are nothing less than simply outstanding. They know that the mechanics do an incredible job with heavy equipment when it is about fixing them up. So what takes to become an able and competent heavy equipment mechanic? Well the answer is simple but the journey is difficult.

Firstly the aspirant needs to get enrolled in a reputed institute from where he can learn the basics of heavy equipment. Basics are quite important to know for a mechanic because it is from here that he will lay the foundation of becoming a competent mechanic. For the next couple of years he need to go through books and also take practical lessons whenever the students are taken to visit a workshop. Try to learn as many things as you can. Take help of training videos. It is quite an effective tool and will bring out the best in you.

Asking questions is an important feature that a mechanic should possess during his learning days. You will have lot of confusions which means lot of questions and you need to put them forth to your professor. Once you are out of the institution, get enrolled with one such workshop and spend as much time as you can to learn things. Every other heavy equipment can come up with unique problem and you need to know how to fix them. Common issues can be dealt easily. It is the unique ones that pose challenge to you. You also got to be creative while fixing problems. Not all issues can be fixed in an orthodox manner. Most of the times you got to really think hard to get a solution. Once you have that ability to think hard and think the right way you are on the way of becoming a good mechanic.

Make your career by becoming construction equipment mechanic

When the most important part of the construction business stops working, the company is ready to pay any amount to fix that and get it back to work. Heavy equipment is one such important part and the business owners can’t ever afford to see it not working due to technical reasons. They will pay any price to fix the issue and get the machine up and running. This means that the mechanics are high in demand in the construction industry and anybody who wants to make his career in this business can certainly look upon in becoming a mechanic. So when we talk about heavy equipment it involves all types of heavy machines that are used for construction, mining, forestry and agricultural purpose. This point out to the fact that the mechanics are not only restricted to repairing equipment that are used in construction but also that are used for agriculture and mining purposes.

The scope is immense for the heavy equipment mechanics but they have to do a lot of learning before they can actually reach to the point from where they do not have to worry about their career. That is probably the point where they have already reached the zenith of their career and are working as freelancers having tie ups with big construction and mining companies. So who can become a good mechanic is the real question out for everybody. Anybody who loves heavy equipment and like to fix problems related to heavy machineries can see themselves as ace mechanics. The person should have the zeal and confidence to resolve any kind of issues pertaining to construction equipment can see their place as master mechanics and also people who can sell their skill to the needy can make a good career out of it.

Getting education from a good institute:-

The first step towards becoming an ace mechanic is to join a good institute that touches every aspect of heavy equipment. Their subjects should not only focus on one particular kind of machines but should range from different machines. More or less the intricacies of heavy equipment will be similar to each other and having hands on knowledge will help you to develop your skills and will end up making a fine technician out of you.

Speaking with veterans will further clear your doubts:-

While you are still learning in the institute, you should try and meet some tenured people from the industry who are ready to guide you and clear your doubts. These are experienced men and they will prove to be quite handy when it comes to giving accurate answers of your questions. You can do your bit of research first and only when you do not see any answers, you should approach them.

Take some experience by working with veterans:-

You get to learn a lot when you are working with an experienced guy. He will give you a lot of inputs and will sharpen your skills further. Once you begin working on machines and start fixing them, you will see a lot of confidence in you and will start finding things to be simpler.

Heavy Equipment Guys

Aspire to become heavy equipment mechanic

It is always advised to follow your dreams, to do that you indeed want to do. Not many people are able to recognize what they want to do and the few who does recognize are indeed the fortunate ones. It is probably those guys who taste success after success at every walk of life. Talking about heavy equipment mechanic, one can definitely pursue it as there is huge potential in this line of business. Construction industry is here to stay and so are heavy equipment companies. As long as both the industries co-exist heavy equipment mechanics will have every opportunity to earn lot of money and also see them growing in this business. For heavy equipment mechanic, they have the option to work in a workshop or get associated with a big construction company that has a fleet of heavy equipment or work as a freelancer. In both the cases the earning potential of the mechanic does not diminishes.

Ideally a young boy is motivated to become heavy equipment mechanic if his father or someone in his family is a mechanic and the boy has a very close relation with the person. It has been observed that people who have generated the interest to become heavy equipment mechanic from a tender age have someone or the other from their family working as heavy equipment mechanic which in a way has also driven their interest to the same line of business. It is because they have seen their elders doing the work from an early age they probably want to do the same. A little encouragement from the family does all the wonders for them. Get into an institution that creates competent mechanics. Study hard while you are there in the institute and try to come out with flying colors.

Once you are out of the institution the journey has just begun for you. Try to get into a workshop that deals with heavy equipment. If there is one such workshop in your family you can sneak in there or can find your way on your own. But it is in the workshop where you get most of the practical training and learn how to fix heavy equipment. You learn a lot when you work on different types of machines and also when you have an expert right next to you guiding you to do things. You tend to become a good mechanic if you can incorporate the knowledge that you have gained while learning in the institution and the practical stuffs that you have learned in the workshop.

After spending for few years in workshops and having gained some experience you can try moving into big construction houses that pays you well. If you are confident that you know your work well and you can tackle any kind of problem related to the machines then you should try to open your own workshop and work as a freelance mechanic. But it is advised that one should not work as a freelancer as long as he has worked for at least 10 years as a mechanic. 10 years of experience is needed to prove your excellence in the field.

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Heavy Equipment Repair Technician

Heavy equipment and machines are widely used in construction and mining industries. The equipments are very expensive and cost from hundreds of thousand dollars to millions of dollars. The work at these workplaces causes wear and tear, hence proper periodic maintenance of machines becomes necessary for the machine to be in good working conditions. If care is not taken, it will stop working and will lead to unnecessary delays. Most of the industries have heavy equipment repair technicians. These technicians install, maintain and service large industrial machines and vehicles designed for activities such as transporting objects, lifting material and earth-plowing. These workers are employed by equipment wholesale distribution firms, construction companies, mining industry, and other organizations which operate and maintain heavy duty equipment.


For a technician’s job a formal degree is not compulsory. Many technicians complete their high school diploma and undergo vocational training or obtain an associate degree in heavy equipment repair or are acquainted in handling of heavy duty machinery. They have to undergo several years of on job training. Most technicians start at entry level jobs where they work under experienced technician’s supervision. As they start gaining experience of wide variety of different equipments, they are given complex tasks to perform. Generally, it takes 3-4 years on job training to be qualified as a fully experienced heavy equipment repair technician. Salary for this profession is higher than average of all installation, maintenance and repair work.


Repair technicians generally work indoors but at times may have to work outdoors. To repair equipment they have to lift, handle greasy parts, stand and lie in awkward positions. Thus good physical conditions and agility are important. Due to size and complexity of equipment, safety is of prime importance. Small cuts, burns and bruises are common. Thus there is always risk while working with heavy equipment. Technicians use a variety of tools in their work: power tools, such as pneumatic wrenches to remove bolts quickly, machine tools, like lathes and grinding machines, to rebuild brakes, welding and flame-cutting equipment to remove and repair exhaust systems, and jacks and hoists to lift and move large parts. With many types of modern equipment, technicians use diagnostic computers to diagnose components which need adjustment or repair.


Additional qualifications required for the repair technicians are: they must develop good reading and interpreting ability. They should learn and become comfortable with the latest technology such as; computers and electronics since these are used to adjust and diagnose problems. Further they should have certain attributes such as; the mathematical, mechanical and analytical aptitude, to work as a team-player and work with little or no supervision. Highly adept and experienced heavy duty repair technicians may advance to service manager positions and some can even start their own business.

Ask a Heavy Equipment Mechanic a question

When it comes to the health and well-being of your heavy equipment, you can’t trust anybody but the best. Heavy equipment is a complex subject in itself and it takes ages for mechanics to learn it completely. As a matter of fact, many expert mechanics agree that they can work fantastically on some types of heavy equipment but if they are asked to work on something that they have never worked previously then they have to start with it from square one. This means that they will spend time to first learn the machine well and then only will start working on it.

This indicates us the fact that if an expert mechanic can experience problem dealing with a new machine, what will a newbie do who perhaps do not have any experience whatsoever. He may ruin the stuff if he does not get proper guidance. Therefore, it becomes very important for people who have little or absolutely no knowledge about the working of a machine to ask question to a mechanic. Alternatively, if they experience any problem in fixing a machine, it is better that they put their question in forth of a mechanic and see what he suggests him to do. It will not be wise to act without the guidance of a mechanic or else the consequence could be drastic and appalling.

We would be discussing what one can do to reach a mechanic and ask him a question or two.

Join a forum run by a mechanic:-

This is one of the interesting ways to interact with the mechanic. You will find most of the mechanics who deals with heavy equipment to be tech savvy and they also write articles pertaining to heavy equipment on their websites. You only have to get in touch with one such mechanic and if you have any question you can shoot it out there in that forum. There are chances that they might reply you with the solution. Just in case you do not see any reply, the next option would be to try and contact the person over the phone.

The contact details will be available on the website. You can fetch those details from there and probably email him first and if he wants you to call him, you can do that as well. Ideally, they will help you with some trouble shooting solutions and may even provide you a link that talks more about the subject issue. You check the link and see how it helps you.

Contact your local mechanic:-

Just in case, you do not get much help from the mechanic after having written to him on his blog/forum, the next best viable option would be to ask the same question to your local mechanic. If the question is related to some new technology that is available in the market and if that can be installed in your machine, you mechanic will at least take the effort to know about the new stuff and inform you if it is at all compatible for your machine.

Characteristics of a good heavy equipment mechanic

Heavy construction equipment is that essential part of the construction business without which the very basic of the work would not be possible. Therefore, every construction business needs construction equipment to do their task. But the heavy workload and the tremendously hectic working schedule makes the equipment damaged quite frequently. This leads to the problem related to operating the equipment and thus the work at the construction site gets disturbed.

In such situation, what is needed to be done by the owner of the equipment is to hire a mechanic who is skilled and experienced in repairing the heavy construction equipment. The need of a skilled mechanic is not limited in case there is damage in the equipment; rather to maintain the efficiency of the equipment so that it offers maximum outcome, the equipment owners must have professional mechanics.

Factors to consider in a heavy construction equipment mechanic:

The owner of the equipment must be careful about the characteristics of the mechanic that he hires. They must include:

  • Ability to diagnose the problem:

The first and the most important factor that the mechanic must be able to do is diagnose the problem that is causing the equipment to trouble. The skill should be of the ultimate level so that he can recognise the problem by checking the apparent symptoms.

  • Skill to solve the problem:

Whether the problem with the equipment’s functioning is with the electric wires or with the hydraulic system or even with the fuel tank, identifying the problem will not be enough, if the mechanic cannot fix it fast. The longer the mechanic takes to diagnose the problem and providing a solution to fix the damage, the longer will be the time to stop the construction process.

  • Listening quality and charming nature:

Just as the doctor should listen to the patient, the mechanic should also listen to the problems and the difficulties that the owner has been facing. If the mechanic is stubborn and unwilling to listen to the owner, then it will lead to a delay in the diagnosis of the cause of the damage. As the owner of the equipment does not have any knowledge of the mechanism, it there might be several questions going on in the owner’s mind. Therefore, the mechanic should have a charming quality to relate to the owners.

  • Knowledge of the technology:

With every passing day, new technologies are being discovered in order to make the construction industry a revolutionary one. The mechanics should be aware of these technologies, software and various other features that can make the equipment functioning easier.

Without these qualities, no mechanic can be proven beneficial for servicing the equipment of your construction company. There are many mechanics that are skilled, but if they lack in the other qualities and facilities, then you will not be able to find a quick and effective solution for the damages done to your equipment. Even to maintain the efficiency and the performance of the equipment, then also you will need to hire a skilled mechanic.