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Excavator an Effective Heavy Equipment used in Demolition, Clearing and Grading

All construction sites need to undertake three activities in the development process which are considered to be quintessential. These three activities include Demolition, Clearing and Grading. With technology evolving drastically Excavators has proved to be reliable and effective heavy equipment in conducting the three activities of demolition, clearing and grading.

Demolition is the process of tearing-down of structure and buildings in a construction sites with the help of manually driving hydraulic equipment such as excavators.

Clearing is the process in which dirt, debris, vegetation cover and excessive materials are removed from the building site to make it conducive for development.

Grading involves construction work such as making improvements on roads, laying foundation for railways and land etc.

Excavator in Demolition Process

Excavators are used to collapse two stored buildings by a deterioration process. The plan is to involve destroying the building while controlling the method and direction the building collapses. The whole demolition task is undertaken by a project manager who decides where damage is essential to enable the building to be pulled out in the desired direction. The walls of the building are damaged at the foundation of the building, but this depends on the design of the structure which totally dictates the demolition process. Factors such as protection and cleaning activities are taken into considerations while demolishing that particular building.

Excavators with high reach demolition are more frequently used for collapsing lofty buildings since it is not suitable for explosive demolition. Excavators equipped with shear accessory are normally used to pull apart a structure made of steel. To bring dust under control fire hoses are used to sustain a demolition of a wet building. Hoses are used by the workers which are attached to lifts to increase height.


Big buildings may require the application of the wrecking balls which are found to be more effective against building material, but controlling the wrecking balls can be a complex task for the workers and a lot of time it is found to be less competent when compared to other demolition methods. Innovative methods make use of the revolving hydraulic shears as well as rock-breakers which are fixed to the excavators for the purpose of cutting and breaking through wood, solid and steel material. The application of shears becomes useful when flame cutting would become hazardous.


Excavator in Cleaning Process


Excavators provide housing and commercial land clearing services and removal of debris dirt. As we all know clearing the land of the construction site is one of the foremost steps for constructing our home and offices, so first of all you need to get rid of all dirt, debris and other excessive dust. With Excavators clearing becomes an easy task without consuming too much money and time.

Excavator in Grading process

Grading a construction site does not merely refer to pushing filth around. By grading the building site with the help of Excavator the contractors ensure the location is at the accurate level to guarantee proper flow of the water. Grading helps in making right base of the building.