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Caterpillar D5K2 Dozer

Caterpillar D5K2 Cat GRADE with 3D

Grading has never been a simple job for the operator. It takes highly skilled men to do the job and still there are times when the skilled men find the job to be difficult and look for other ways and means to finish it. As a matter of fact, no construction related job is simpler. It all takes good deal of effort from the part of the doer to complete any work with precision. If you are a person who gives a lot of stress on quality then you need to have the best men working for you along with the best equipment. You can expect your men to deliver phenomenal results with poor equipment. So the type of heavy equipment you have to do the job plays quite a crucial role in the overall quality of the job. Grading is termed to be a difficult job as the land pattern is not the same at every place. Other than that the type of soil also plays a major role in grading a piece of land. Therefore it is a must to have the best grading heavy equipment to do the job.

Caterpillar D5K2 grader with 3D is just the type of heavy equipment that every construction company engaged into grading business will look for. Caterpillar has been known to provide the best in the industry. It does a thorough research on the needs and wants of the consumer and then come up with its product. Today, the pulse of the people is that they want things to be simple yet a lot efficient. They do not want to waste their time in understanding the complex technicalities involved in a machine. On the contrary, they would love to go with something that is easy to understand and also effective. They just do not want their business to suffer in any manner and continue using applications that are not at all complex in nature. Keeping this in view, the D5K2 CAT Grader was brought in the market.

The 3D control installed in the CAT grading machine is an integrated grade control system that makes life really simple for the operators. It enables them to improve their grading efficiency, productivity and get the work done with utter precision. The D5K2 grader can also be used for dozing application. So fine grading is just one part of it, if you want to use the machine for dozing work that can be done as well. The machine has a couple of antennas positioned on the roof top of the cab and thereby it completely eliminates any conventional blade mounted masts and cables. So no need to climb on the blade to remove the blade mounted masts and the cables.

New technologies are installed in this machine that can improve the productivity level by almost 50%. It has an in-built AccuGrade-Ready option which adds versatility by allowing the operator to use other CAT Grade technologies. So the operators will now be able to have an in-cab display of the grade plan, cut/fill information and other grade indicators thus highly impacting the productivity in a positive manner.

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How to build a lake with a dozer

We all have this thought that dozers are meant for mowing down huge structures and ramming down anything and everything that comes in its way but hardly do we know that it can also be used for building a lake. Though the need of other heavy equipment cannot be ruled out but if the work of building a lake is assigned to a contractor and he does not have any other heavy equipment apart from a dozer, he can still get the work done through it. He does not have to start hunting for an excavator or something that specializes in excavating work. However, one also needs to understand that this will take long for the work to complete and also the need of an experienced operator plays quite a crucial role.

So when you are digging the ground with the intention to build a lake with a dozer, you should first check the kind of dozer you may need for the purpose. Just because you are building a lake does not mean you should be using big dozers. At times small dozers can do the trick which big dozers can’t and therefore selection of dozers in this case is of utmost importance.

The crux of the heavy equipment comes while working in different forms of land. Not every kind of heavy equipment can stand in a sloppy land. The operator might find it very difficult to balance the position of the machine. The dozers may be a slow one but they can provide power, stability and have good traction which is perhaps the most required feature for building lakes. In order to dig deep, you can make use of some special blades that are designed for the purpose of making a hole in the ground. Well, these blades have some 6 movements. They can move right, left, up, down and can tilt from right to left and vice-versa. This position is specifically used to dig deep in the ground. You can also make use of rippers to break down a hard piece of land or any rock that you hit in the earth.

Using a ripper makes more sense because it has the potential to tear apart hard materials like rock and can thus help the dozer to dig deep without much hassle.

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Stripping of the gears of crawler dozers made it more resourceful than it was few years ago

It was never simple to work on a crawler dozer and only the best operator was in a position to get the work done without causing any damage to the machine or to things on the site. Operators working on a crawler dozer were paid more than other operators as they were operating a machine that is not at all easy to work on. However, this is not the case now. With the dawn of new technology, things have started becoming simpler for the operators and also for people who own the latest model of crawler dozers. The installation of hydrostatic transmissions in the under 130 horsepower machines and the introduction of advanced GPS machine control system has completely changed the dynamics of the machine. What was once known for moving at snail’s pace and leaving work undone for most of the time has been transformed into a fast paced next generation machine that has the capability to crumble the mountains or move the minutest of dirt from the site. The hydrostatic transmission that is installed in the newer version of machines is dominating this class of dozers. If we compare the hydrostatic transmission, we see that in the year 1999, there were only 25 hydrostatic transmissions which have now increased to 38. There are only 9 power shifts transmissions which were 33 in 1999. Well, this change in technology wasn’t brought overnight. It came slowly and gradually and with sheer determination of the engineers.

One company to be specific should get maximum applaud for the success of this technologically rich dozer. It is John Deere that has been in the forefront of this rapid change in technology. What they did is they removed the concept of gears from the machine making it gearless equipment. By having done this, they have got a very good control over the speed of the equipment. It becomes very useful on a flat ground where you do not have to shift gears to slow down the machine. The equipment automatically slows down when the machine takes the load and the speed increases when it discard the load. In this process, the machine just does not loses its momentum which otherwise would have been a problem with machines having gears in it.

Other than this, when the machine is moving at a speed and there is a dip in the load, the operator does not have to do anything manually. All that will be taken care by the machine and will manage the load. One very important benefit of hydrostatic transmission is that it keeps the braking system quite dynamic. The operator only has to relieve the throttle and the hydraulic pressure in the machine will do the rest of the work.

How to change a transmission on a bulldozer

It is never easy to work on things that you do not know especially when it comes to fixing your heavy equipment and you have absolutely no knowledge how to go about with it. This is when you should depend on guys who are into fixing problem pertaining to heavy equipment. It is better that you give the machine to a mechanic who after checking the stuff will do what needs to be done with it. However, at times it becomes important for you to know a bit of fixing thing as well. You do not always get the mechanic handy and in situations like this you may experience the real trouble. You have work in hand and your machine is just not ready to work. It could be due to some problem with the transmission and in order to get it fixed, you need to open up a lot of stuff and the transmission out.

Ideally in a bulldozer, the transmission is located near the engine crankshaft and it remains attached there with the help of a flywheel or a clutch. In order to change the transmission, it is first critical to remove the stuff carefully from the place it is located. In case of a bulldozer once has to be very careful while getting it removed beside the engine crankshaft. He needs to be make sure that he does not mess up with the crankshaft or that will lead to further complication with the machine. You got to be absolutely sure that you know how to work things out and get the transmission replaced.

To learn things in a much better way, it is advisable that one should go through the user manual as the procedure is stated with pictures so that one does not go through a lot of hardship to understand how to change the transmission. You can also check how the mechanic works on your dozer. The way he spreads out the engine crankshaft and from there he pulls out the transmission. You can even ask the mechanic if you can give it a shot while he is there monitoring your work. In this way, you can practically try to change the transmission but if you feel that you are confident and can do it again, it is prudent that you do it in front of an expert so that in case you go wrong somewhere dealing with it, there will someone who can set things right for you.

One more method that you can adopt to learn to change the transmission is through training videos. Well, you get to learn a lot of stuff from there. You only have to enter the things you want to see and you get ample of options. Just pick the one you feel you should watch and check if that is the one you are looking for. For instance, if you want to check videos where people are shown changing the transmissions, you can do that on YouTube. It really helps but if you want to do it practically, better try things in front of an expert.


Mid range crawler dozers are widely accepted by customers in the construction domain

Working in a small space will not allow huge equipment and you have to restrict the use to either mid-range or small equipment. When we talk about heavy equipment, it is not only about those big machines that you often see at construction sites but it is also about equipment that you see in your backyard clearing the garden or clearing the snow off the road. You do not always need a big dozer to clear the snow from the road. Imagine if the road is not that big to accommodate a big dozer, it will not be able to complete the work. In such a situation what you need the most is a mid range crawler dozer.

The demand for the mid range crawler dozer has increased over the last few years. People have begun to realize that it is not all about big machines but at times we also need something smaller in size to get the work done. This is how people have understood the importance of such machines and has led to the growing acceptability of it. Before we speak further on this, we need to understand what category of machine come under mid range and what goes above that. Machines that have horsepower between 130 to 200 hp are in the mid-range category. Anything falling short of that is a small machine and machines that have more than 200-300 hp fall in the higher range of machines.

A reports also suggest that the mid-range machines play a dominant role in the construction industry which was not the case few decades ago. However, not everybody likes to purchase high range equipment and keep themselves content with the lower version. Irrespective of the construction company being a big one or just a newbie, they all prefer mid range machines. The maneuverability of such machines are simpler and faster and are therefore considered potent for work that is meant for small range as well as high range equipment. Caterpillar’s Dave Cusac feels that though some companies want mid range machines to have hp more than 300 but due to certain technical alignment, it has been limited to the range of 150 to 215 hp.

Mid range crawler dozers have varied uses. They are not just used for single category of work but are used for several purposes and this is what makes the machine more in demand. Case Construction Equipment brand marketing manager has bifurcated the use of the machine on the basis of the horsepower it possess. According to him, the machine with hp of 130 is used for construction of roads and bridges but not into residential construction. Machines with hp of 150 are also used for building of bridges and roads but they can simultaneously spread their wings into larger jobs. Machines more than 214 hp can be used for mining, overburden clearing and similar operations. Having said this, it does not mean that these machines do not have the capability to perform heavy duty jobs.

Benefits of Bulldozer: Earth Moving Equipment

Familiarized in 1920 and employed extensively ever since, the bulldozer widely recognised as dozer, is a clear descendant of the crawler tractor. Applied in combination with the earth moving apparatuses, the bulldozer is a potent and indispensable gizmo utilised in more or less every construction site of the world.

The earth moving heavy equipment, bulldozer was primarily manufactured in United States by some of the heavy equipment manufacturing companies like Case Tractor Company, John Deere and Caterpillar. This earth moving weighty paraphernalia proffers engineering application to several fields for instance agriculture, waste management, construction, mining etc.

Components of an Earth Moving Heavy Bulldozer

Bulldozer characterised for its versatile track and immense blade is comprised of several engines, pneumatic and construction assemblies. Here in the below cited points, the readers will get to know about the various essential parts of dozers:

  • The mainframe and the undercarriage parts of the bulldozer are made-up of low carbon structural steel platters.
  • The cab of the dozer is fabricated from plastic, rubber and glass materials that help in improving the ergonomic feature of the paraphernalia.
  • The steel made parts inside the engine of the bulldozer have the capability to bear the high operating temperatures.
  • When the dozer is filled with assorted sorts of fluids like oil, coolant, hydraulic fluid and fuel, its weight augments drastically.
  • Paint, decals and the patterned trim of the dozer helps in creating it the most artistic and appealing earth moving heavy equipment.

Advantages of Bulldozers

  • Dozers are big-sized weighty vehicles making them a perfect option for cleaning construction sites and for the purpose of demolition. The high-quality tracks offer bulldozers a distinct benefit permitting them to be astonishingly invariable for their excessive weight.
  • The tracks of the dozers have the quality of strong grip that assist them to undertake the rough terrain. These tracks also help the bulldozers to distribute their heavy weight thwarting them from submerging in dirty or mud-covered land.
  • Bulldozers are famous for their quality of grasping the ground tightly that gives them exceptional potency to shove and pull the obstructions coming in their path.
  • Some of the replicas of tanks attached in the dozers have the ability to pull up almost 70 tons of weight and are especially utilised for construction and military purposes.
  • In a bulldozer, the customers can find chiefly three types of blades that are straight, universal and S-U combined blades. These blades are normally employed for grading, carrying extra materials and for shoving large-shaped mound of rocks for instance quarry.
  • When the bulldozers are used in battle fields, the blades are attached on the battle tanks for clearing various anti-tank obstructions.
  • If the construction business owners want to buy dozer with stump buster, they get the additional benefit of brush scrape blade that helps in clearing in the land effectively.

So, if you are looking for an upgraded version of bulldozer, you can find it very easily by browsing the internet, as there are scores of dozer manufacturing companies that provide efficient modern technology designed dozers in reasonable price.


What is the ultimate small dozer?

You do not always need big things to get smaller work done. Similarly, in case of heavy equipment when you see some petty work, it would be highly unwise of the person to bring in the big heavy equipment to get that small work done. In case, if he tries to work with the big machine, he may get everything wrong and may have to start things from all over again. Therefore, it is always advisable to identify the machine and check if it is compatible for the work before you start doing your work. The sight in a big construction company will have all huge machines however; you will also get to fix your eyes on some small machines. Wonder why? It is only because they understand that not all work can be done with the help of these big equipments. They also need small heavy equipment to complete certain kind of work.

We would be discussing about small dozers and how they are effective in many scenarios.

Why do we need a small dozer when we already have the bigger ones?-

A big dozer is a heavy machine and at places where we do not need the strength of a bigger machine, a small dozer comes handy. For instance, you just want to work with the garden area at the front of your house and you need to do some digging work and after that dump the dirt at a place that is meant to do so. In this situation, you can’t use those big dozers because they will simply pull off the entire mud making it improper for you to work on it. You will need those small dozers which have less strength and can get the required work done. Moreover these dozers are quite user-friendly. You will not have a tough time dealing with them and can get your work done in a smooth manner.

No need of specialized operators to work on it:-

Big construction companies have specialized operators who work heavy equipment. It is believed that the function buttons of these equipment are quite complex and it needs good deal of training to completely understand the different buttons and levers which is not possible for a naïve person to do. As the small dozers are quite simple than their complex counterparts, a person will definitely go for it. They just want to get their work done without wanting to know the complexities involved in operating a bigger version.

Companies that manufacture small dozers:-

There are many companies that are manufacturing small dozers. However, some of the prominent companies are Cat, John Deere, and Case, etc. Caterpillar has 4 models of small dozers. All the dozers are less than 130 hp. All the models have full power turn potential, dynamic braking. Steeples speed range and few other important features that one may find helpful while operating the machine. The joystick of the machine takes care of speed, direction and steering lessening the strain of the operator.


How do you adjust brakes on a bulldozer?

Have you wondered what will happen when you bump off to something while your car is at a good speed and you are unable to apply brakes on it? Well, there will be a disaster. This small example can be given to make somebody realize the importance of brakes in a car. Similarly, when it comes to heavy equipment, you need to be extra careful with its brakes. Mind you, that when you are dealing with heavy equipment, you become accountable for any loss that happens if you are not able to operate the machine properly which also includes its brakes not functioning properly. At times, when you apply brakes you can get to hear a sound that appears like the brakes are not well lubricated. This is perhaps the first indication the machine is giving you to work on the maintenance of the machine. It is always advisable that you do not start opening the parts of the equipment as long as you are not an expert who know the in and out of the machine and can indeed work things out and repair the brakes. You should get help of a mechanic who can fix the problem for you.

Apparently, not many people go to the mechanic in the first place. They would like to experiment things on their own and when they realize that this is not their cup of tea that is when they turn up to a mechanic. By the time, they have caused enough harm to the machine.

For people who are used to working on a bulldozer can try the following steps to adjust brakes on it. However, it is still recommended that they get in touch with a mechanic to work things out.

Firstly, you should remove the steel floor plate. Once you have done that, you should be able to see the drive shaft area. You should then check how long it takes for the drive shaft to stop spinning after you are done with depressing the clutch firmly. If you find that the spin time is taking quite long, then you should make sure that you grip the brake band aggressively. However, a word of caution will be that you do not try to be very aggressive in tightening the brake band as there is a possibility that you may end up causing a brake drag on the disk and in this process may overheat and damage the lining of the brake.

You should ensure that the disk spins smoothly when you put off the engine and monitor the temperature of the disk after it has ran smoothly for some time. This is done to check if it is getting hot. If it is overheating then that suggests there is a problem. You can do the same process again and check if it is overheating. If it continues to overheat, then it is better that you take this up to a mechanic and let him fix the problem.


Top ten models of bulldozer

Manufacturers of heavy constructional equipment, farm and mining bring out innovative models of the machines with prototyping tools of the manufacturing companies. As these tools develop a clear understanding of the total effective cost, risk management and maintenance requisites, one can go ahead with confidence. This advancement in designing the models of heavy machines especially bulldozers slash the construction time and hence, enhances the speed time of the product marketing.

Different designs of bulldozers have their own applications in their respective areas. The skilled engineers use CAD tools to increase the productivity which in turn will reduce the cost making it affordable to the users.

List of top models of bulldozers

Fiat Allis FD-50 Bulldozer: – It is outfitted with an engine of Cummins VT28-C. Due to some rationalism in its marketing, the manufacture of this type of bulldozer has come to an end. FD-50 had the highest power of 600 hp with carrying a total weight of 80 tons.

Promtractor CHETRA HEAVY 40Ya Bulldozer: – The model of the diesel engine which the bulldozer uses is YaMZ-E856. Its fuel tank has the capacity to hold 1200 litres. Its main technical data indicates that this kind is less efficient as compared to the above said model with the maximum power of 590 hp and working weight capacity of 68.5 tons.

KOMATSU D375A-6 Bulldozer: – This kind of bulldozers uses a dislocation of 23 litres of the engine of KOMATSU SAA6D170E-3. The bulldozer can run at the rate of 15.8km/h. It is efficient with 645 hp power and carrying limit of 72 tons at its best.

Promtractor T-50.01Bulldozer:- Russian product which came into existence in the late 1980s. The width of the track is 740mm with the installation of U-shaped blades. Its power of 751hp with loading capacity of 93.5 tons makes it stand out from other models of bulldozer.

Caterpillar D10T Bulldozer: – D10 in 1970s was the largest bulldozer types. The latest T – type models use the cylinder engine of D10T-12. Both its power and lifting retention is low i.e. 671hp and 66 tons respectively.

Ch TZ T-800 Bulldozer:- This bulldozer is equipped with the diesel engine of 6-turbocharged cylinder. It has two back and four forward gears, but this machine is not efficient to give out more than 8 units when carried out to work of mining and removal of the debris.

KOMATSU D475A-5SD Bulldozer: – The capacity of its fuel tank is 1670 litres. The technical info shows that the bulldozer has the maximum power of 913hp and working weight of 113 tons.

KOMATSU D575A-3SD Bulldozer: – It has total 6 gears-three reverse and three forward. The bulldozer can hold maximum 2100 l fuel. The length of its machine is 11.72metres.

ACCO Bulldozer:- ACCO, an Italian company manufactured the world’s best designed bulldozer model in 1983. Due to some technical fault, it can’t be operated. It never got any appropriate occasion to show its efficiency.

Caterpillar D11T CD Bulldozer:- This kind of bulldozer uses the displacement of 32L of the diesel engine of Cat C32 ACERT. It can carry upto 113 tons of weight utilizing its power of 950 hp.

To sum up, the rapid advancement in the field of technology has definitely boosted up the designs of the bulldozers giving it a completely different look and efficiency.




Simple 3 Tips To Maintain A Dozer

Prevention is always better than cure. Steady and éclat maintenance are key factors to keep the dozers in optimum condition irrespective of the age of the equipment, geographical and weather conditions. Age is the most important thing which acts upon the performance of a dozer. . If you have purchased a used dozer, you have to take extra care. As a used dozer has undergone wear and tear for many years, its level of performance automatically stoops down.

You may have faced problems with the performance of your used dozer many times and at the same time, you cannot stop using this equipment as it plays a major role in a construction site. So, why not maintain spend some time in maintaining your dozer properly? After you read this short article, you will realise how easy it is to keep up your dozer’s proficiency.

Tips to maintain a dozer properly

  • Checkups for steady repair: – Regular checkups of the dozer are essential to ensure a fine working condition. You should change the oil and other fluids in a systematic interval. If you keep your dozer in extremely wet climatic condition, it will damage more quickly. It is because rust will form rapidly on the important parts of the machine. In case of used dozers, the chains, bolts and the undercarriage should be checked to detect the damaged parts.


Checking helps to increase the life span of the constructional equipment. If you find any defaced part, immediately repair it with the assistance of a skilled technician. To avoid any kind of damage, don’t forget to use appropriate tools while checking. You should also put on Hard Hat and gloves while going through the machine.

  • Cleaning of the track frame: – To work in muddy conditions especially in winter freezes the mud on the track frame of the dozer. Therefore, you cannot ignore cleaning off the mud while the equipment is still warm. Use a track spade which perfectly fits into the gap between the track and the frame making the work of cleaning smoother for you. After cleaning, park the dozer either in the snow or on aged tires.


If you do not shovel the mud, it will freeze on the track creating a big problem for the dozer to start up and move. The finest way to unfreeze a frozen dozer is to control the heat and fire and to make use of propane light.

  • Maintenance of Electrical system: – Proper maintenance ofelectrical system which consists of batteries and wires should not be overlooked. Their periodical checkup is necessary to avoid short circuit. Replace the damage or old battery instantly once you detect them. Your wire should be good enough with an efficient fuse system.


Use 12 V batteries connected in series to ensure the working of your 12V radio for two-way business. You can also make use of an inline fuse system close to your battery. It will help the radio to work more effectively without causing any harm to the other parts of the machine.

To put it practically, routine maintenance of equipment will help you to save your money. So, it’s better to do minor fixing to upturn the average life of the dozer.