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Get To Know the Articulated Dump Truck- The Past and the Present

Have you ever tried swimming without ever getting wet? Or have you tried riding a bicycle without falling down even once? Well, the obvious answer to all these questions is a resounding no. In a similar manner, it is not possible to be a part of the construction site and not getting involved with heavy construction equipment that form an integral part of the entire business. And the articulated dump truck is one of those heavy equipment that have become an indispensible part of the entire construction arena.

Articulated Dump Trucks- Then and Now

The construction arena had not taken the advent of the articulated dump truck very kindly half a decade back. Though it was and is quite a useful earth moving equipment, those in charge of the construction organisation just couldn’t see enough uses of it.

The need for a new kind of machine arose when the articulated hauler was no longer found to be capable of negotiating terrains of all kind. Thus, emerged the articulated dump truck, which was to change the outlook of the construction arena forever. The first articulated dump trucks were designed to reposition the main drive axle at the rear end of the tractor so as to provide maximal traction. The machine had levers operated by means of hydraulics in place of steering wheels. All of these features combined by the fact that the two parts of the equipment were joined together to form a unit proved to be favourable for the construction arena.

The advancement in the field of technology has brought about quite a change in the entire equipment to produce a machine that is powerful, versatile and easy to operate. Equipped with manual and automated shifts and “all-wheel drive” features, the articulated dump truck as we know today has the capability of getting around all kinds of terrains. Not only in terms of lever and machinery, the modern articulated dump truck also comes equipped with side dumps, standard dumps, scarper beds and the like to cater to the different earth moving requirements at construction sites.

Articulated Dump Trucks at Construction Sites- The Benefits

The advent of the articulated dump truck has been successful in completely revolutionising the way in which earth moving was viewed in the construction industry. The number of benefits that this one equipment comes loaded with should be enough for any construction organization authority to go for it.

  • As opposed to the conventional trucks used at construction sites, the articulated dump truck has the ability to manoeuvre through tight corners and rough terrains. This means that earth moving is now possible on every type of surface imaginable.
  • The tires of the articulated dump truck also have been designed in such a way so as to be absolutely compatible to all types of terrains. This means that the center of gravity and sideways stability is completely balanced with the design of the rear end and the width of the tire.
  • Since they can operate on such a versatile mode, construction site owners can be assured of increased job adeptness.

Hence, one could conclude that the articulated dump truck has come along a long way from the traditional designs, thus, making it an indispensible part of the construction industry.

Top Ten Models of Dump Truck

Mining dump trucks used in the constructional sites continue to grow larger, as most of the miners increasingly prefer big capacity dump trucks with greater functional efficiency. That’s why, the manufacturing companies try their utmost to bring out contemporary models of big-sized mining trucks to increase the productivity within short time.

List of top ten models of dump truck

  • Caterpillar 797F:- It is the second biggest mining dump truck which is in service since 2009. The truck is equipped with radial tyres of Bridgestone VRDP or six Michelin XDR. The hydraulic torque converter transmission of the truck enables it to run at the rate of 68km/h.
  • Belaz 75710:– Belarusian Company Belaz launched this extra-heavy truck in the month of October, 2013. The weight of this equipment is 360t. The main feature of Belaz 75710 is its over-sized eight tubeless airy tires of Michelin and two turbocharged diesel engine of sixteen- cylinder. The equipment uses electromechanical transmittal that run on AC.
  • Liebherr T 282C /T 284:- These ultra-modern dump trucks are designed by Liebherr. Both of the trucks weigh 661t. They share the credit of being the second biggest mining trucks across the world whose length is 15.69m. The equipment is fitted with insulated-gate bipolar transistor AC drive system of Liebherr.
  • Terex MT 6300AC:- It was introduced in 2008 by Terex, an American manufacturer company. The truck’s payload capacity is 400t and the total operating weight is upto 660t. A four-stroke cycle engine having 20 cylinders powered by electric converter of AC is installed in the truck which gives out a power of 3750hp.
  • Belaz 75601:- This is the recent model of 7560 truck series manufactured by Belaz. It is invented to carry loose rocks from deep open holes at mining sites. The electromechanical transmission from the 20-V cylinders with diesel engine of four-cycle has been equipped in the machine so as to enable it to run on a gross power of 3750hp.
  • Terex MT 5500AC:- It is the biggest dump truck around the globe. The payload efficiency of the truck is 360t used extensively for large depthless mining purposes. The system of AC electric drive of the equipment helps it to run at a speed of 64km/h.
  • KOMATSU 960-1K/ 960E-1:- These kinds of trucks are rigid. The total lengths of both the trucks are 15.34and 15.6m respectively. Both of them have the speed of 64km/h. It has 18V-type cylinders which are powered by diesel engine of four cycle.
  • Hitachi EH5000AC-3:- Hitachi’s largest and latest rigid mining truck is EH5000AC-3. As it uses the low exhalation16-cylinder diesel engine of Cummins, it is environment-friendly.
  • Caterpillar 795F AC: – The gateless body and the famous MSD features of these trucks give it a unique modular look. Developed by Caterpillar, the model uses the techniques of AC electric drive which makes it run at a speed of 64km/h.
  • Belaz 75600:– The truck of this type is used to transport heavy rocks from mining sites of deep-unclosed holes. It can lift a maximum weight of 352t. Its 18-V type cylinders run on a four cycle-turbocharged diesel engine.


After going through the article, you will surely get a clear idea of the latest models of dump trucks. This idea will definitely help you to purchase the desired truck to carry out the work at construction site.

Articulated Dump Truck or Scrapers- Which Is the Best Deal for You?

If you take a good look at the construction forum, then you will find that the entire industry virtually depends on the efficient use of heavy equipment. It is the heavy equipment that plays a key role in deciding the fate of a particular construction project. Hence, choosing heavy equipment with care is quite an important job for those responsible for the construction site. And things might get difficult for you when it comes to choosing between equipment of the same kind.

The Articulated Dump Truck Vs Scrapers

Earthmoving forms an important part of any construction project. Shifting mounds of earth to clear off a portion of the land is quite an important job. Therefore, one has to be very careful when opting for earthmoving machinery. However, this is where the dilemma of the entire deal lies in. which earthmoving equipment should one go for- the scraper or the articulated dump truck? Well, if one cares to take a look at the features, one would find that both have commendable features of their own. A scraper comes equipped with a sharp hopper fixed horizontally which can be operated vertically with the help of hydraulic power. The articulated truck, on the other hand, has an uncomplicated pivotal system that makes it easy for the truck and the cab to detach, thereby enhancing control of the equipment.

Which Should Be Your Choice- The Articulated Truck Or Scraper?

Now arises the crucial topic as to which should be your choice- the scraper or the articulated truck? Well, it all depends on the purpose for which you will put the equipment to use. Is it is mining and the suburb that forms your area of concern, then scrapers should be your choice. The sharp hopper of the scraper cuts through the soil and clay and there are attachments in the equipment that allow it to be raised and dump the earth exactly where it should be dumped. The scraper can be optimally used by construction workers when they need to cut through the soil and fill an area that is close by. The articulated dump trucks on the other hand form the best option when it comes to rocky and muddy stretches of land. The pivotal system that makes it easy to operate the equipment by separating the cab and the truck offers a huge advantage to operators. Steered and controlled by hydraulic rams, this equipment is the best choice when it comes to moving heavy load from one place to another. Making a choice between articulated trucks and scrapers can be quite difficult as both have their own set of utilities. In such a situation, the purpose for which your equipment is being put to use should form your basic concern.