Steps to bulldoze a farm using a bulldozer

Do you want to clear a farm? Don’t you know how to use a bulldozer for it? No worries. You only have to follow some simple tips to use a bulldozer for bulldozing a farm.

It is a well-known fact that farmland clearing is a very difficult and lengthy task. You can make this job easy and quick only when you have the right type of bulldozer with you. Due to the presence of curved blade in its front, it is known as bulldozer. If you don’t have the suitable equipment then you have to spend a lot of time in doing this laborious work. You can directly go and buy a bulldozer, or you can rent it from some genuine renting company. Using the bulldozer, you can easily steer away any kind of debris from the farm. Even an average-sized bulldozer can easily clean acreages of brush and rock-mottled farms in one day. But, sometimes it takes more than one day to do this. You can also hire contractors, but you should try to complete the job yourself. This will keep away excess expenses.

Steps to bulldoze a farm

  • Cut the trees: – Get rid of the trees by cutting them with the blade of the bulldozer. Big trees may need some more shoves for completely knocking them down.
  • Tie up the remaining trees with chains:– The stumps of remaining tree and huge boulders should be tied with a chain. Attach the other end of the chain to the backside of the bulldozer. Now, to uproot the big trees, start driving the bulldozer in the forward direction. If there is any unnecessary small structures of farm, then pull it down using the chain.
  • Force the debris into heap: – Now, it’s time to clean the debris. For this, you have to use the blade. Force the debris and other rocks into heap so that you can pick it up later for disposal. Segregate the heaps into controllable portion so that you can avoid doing any extra work during the process of disposal.
  • Level the dirt: – This is the most important step in bulldozing a farmland. To make the land suitable for farming, you have to blend the dirt with the help of the bulldozer blades. Try to maintain very minimum distance between the blade and the ground surface.
  • Fix a rake: – Rake in bulldozers lends a hand to clear the remaining debris. The rake should be fixed to the bottom end of the blade of the bulldozer.


Scientists have designed the latest bulldozers which are good looking and can perform any kind of heavy task with ease. The modern bulldozers are provided with electronic goods. With the invention of the bulldozers, bulldozing farmland has become a child’s play. But, you should remain very careful while using it. Any negligence regarding it can cause havoc adversities. So, before using it, you should take the advice of the professionals.