Start picking up star performers in your company and reward them to keep them retained

The top performers are called as the ‘Star’ or ‘A’ performers, are the most important assets of any company. They possess the most valuable skills and move the business forward. Hence, it is necessary for any company to identify them, understand their career goals and reward them suitably. This approach will enable to retain the best talent which in turn will ensure stability of organization and allow its rapid growth


Star performers can be identified possessing the following characteristics:

  1. Capability of taking a responsibility in short span of time: They volunteer for handling new assignments. They are professionals who deliver strong and high quality results by means of an efficient teamwork.
  2. Unquenchable thirst for knowledge: They like to know how the things work. This quality gives them an advantage of improving troubleshooting skills. They master new types of expertise.
  3. Good communication skills: This ability allows them to deliver their ideas in an effective way. There is very little misinterpretation which avoids failures.
  4. Trustworthy and reliable: Senior managers and colleagues seek star performer’s advice and they are considered as good confidantes. They forge strong relationships and their opinions are always valued.
  5. Willing to take calculated risks:They weigh ups and down of a particular situation and take their decisions.
  6. Exhibits a well rounded effort: They are good both personally and professionally. If they are good at home, or at sports, they will undoubtedly be good at the workplace too. They serve as role model and mentor for others. Thus, they achieve excellence in most of the spheres of life.


Losing high performers is painful, both personally and professionally. Hence, it is very important that they be retained by the employer in the following ways:

  1. Give them opportunity to head or control a project: They need to take the core responsibility of a project where they get chance to present their ideas and they can take their decisions.
  2.  Leaders should interact with high performers and understand their passion and career goals.
  3.  Present them with challenges: High performers always like challenging projects. Hence the company should entrust them with interesting and difficult projects to keep these performers motivated to work.
  4.  The managers should ensure that the star performers trust their leadership capabilities
  5. Offer regular feedback : Weekly meetings should be held to let them know about their work performance and areas of improvement.
  6. Reward for great work : To recognition their efforts that have made a significant contribution to goals and objectives.  a.  Recognition memo from the Manager  b.  Send out a weekly email of the employee’s achievement to the entire company.  c.  Award the employee of the assignment they were interested in working.  d. If they are very outstanding in their work then to reward them handsomely as An Award to be given, Letter of Appreciation, Announcement as Employee of the week/month in Town hall meetings


When the top performers feel respected, honored and recognized for their efforts that their performance and confidence increases. This enables to retain the top most talent for a long time ensuring success of that organization.

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