Simple steps to repair your excavator

Excavators are important heavy equipment that are used to remove large amount of soil from the surface of the ground for construction purposes. Without it, many of the constructional works would stop. Therefore, its routine maintenance is very essential. You should do it to detect the problems. If you find some serious problem, go immediately for repairing it. Any kind of negligence in this case will lead to major damages. Many a times we have to kick on emergency repairs due to the sudden slip of the rubber/steel track or tearing of the wheel of the excavator. Don’t worry, you only have to follow some simple steps for its repairing and your excavator will be ready to go again.  Just have a look at the following article.

Steps to repair the excavator

  • First of all, it is very important to detect the device of track tension. After that, access your excavator’s plate. Every excavator has their own system of chassis which is situated in different time and place. This system depends completely on the type and model of the excavator.
  • The gap between the excavator and the ground surface should be 6 inches minimum. To lift the excavator, you have to use the hydraulic jacks. Don’t forget to keep the bucket and the crane against the ground. It will help the machine to be steady. Now, stabilize the whole excavator on the repairs and jacks before you start repairing.
  • The cover plate of the tension should be removed from the frame of the track. Against the zerk of the grease, the socket wrench should be placed. Try to remove it slowly. Allen wrench should be inserted in to the whole. Push inside the check ball. To lose the tension, press your feet against the rubber track retracting the idler wheel.
  • Using the metal links put the new track over the wheel sprocket of the drive. Now, skate the rubber track on the tension wheel with the help of the pry bar. To get on the metal links over the wheel, push the track’s bottom with your foot.
  • Put the grease zerk into the frame of track tension. With grease gun, push some grease into the zerk. If the frame of the track sag upto 3 inches, stop smearing grease.
  • Placing the engine on the idle, kick on the excavator. Try to rotate the track in all directions using the control lever. Check out the sag by turning off the engine. Go on rotating the track until the sag becomes at least 3 inches.
  • Don’t forget to secure the cover plate of the tension by stabilizing the track sags at 3 inches.
  • Detach the blocks by lowering the hydraulic jacks so that the excavator touches the surface of the ground.

Carefully go through all the following steps. It is not at all difficult. But, it requires little bit concentration and labor. So, go ahead and repair the excavator yourself and make it a new one.

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