Simple steps to operate a bulldozer

Bulldozers are huge and very powerful construction equipment. It has a strong hold to the ground because of its tracks. These tracks enable the machine to keep moving on a very course terrain. Generally, it never gets stuck in muddy or sandy ground. This is because the large track of the bulldozer distributes the weight of the machine uniformly over a wide area. Blade and ripper are the primary tools of a bulldozer. It is mostly used for levelling the ground surfaces. Though it is a heavy machine, but you can drive it quite easily. If you want to learn the steps for operating a bulldozer, then just follow the simple steps which are mentioned below.

Tips to drive a bulldozer

  • Buy a bulldozer: – First of all, you have to buy a bulldozer. It is because, you cannot afford to practice on a bulldozer which is possessed by other people. If some damage happens then you have to pay to the person for its repairing. So, it’s better to get your own bulldozer. You can either buy a new bulldozer or go for a used one. It will help you to get a bulldozer and that too at an affordable cost. You should practice to operate a bulldozer in large open area to avoid any kind of accidents.
  • Board on your bulldozer: – Now, board on your bulldozer and have a sit on the seat of the driver. Just chill. Try to overcome your nervousness while you are focussing on driving. Do not start until you are relaxed.
  • Kick on the machine: – In order to start the engine of the bulldozer, turn the key which is there in the ignition. Place your foot on the brake, so that you can easily stop it in times of emergency.
  • Steer your bulldozer: – Grab the joystick and slowly thrust it to the direction you want to go. It will help you to have a control on the bulldozer’s movement.
  • Push the paddle of decelerator: – To reduce the speed of the bulldozer, you should push the paddle of the decelerator with your foot. In such an equipment, the paddle of the decelerator is always situated just beside the brake.
  • Manage the blade: – After pushing the paddle of the decelerator, now you have to get a control over the bulldozer’s blade. You can easily gain a control over that using the joystick. This joystick is placed at your right hand side. It is a heavy metal plate which shoves the mud and the sand to make the surface plain.
  • Level the surface of the ground: – The final step is to levelling the ground surface. For this, you have to slightly lower the blades so as to leave a very small gap between the ground and the blade. Now, control the pedal and the joystick to move the bulldozer to the forward slowly. The blade goes on shaving the ground as you continue to drive it to the forward direction.


You can also seek the help of an expert to sharpen your skill in this sphere. But don’t forget to try the steps in a plain land and not on a slope until you become expert in it.