Simple 3 Tips To Maintain A Dozer

Prevention is always better than cure. Steady and éclat maintenance are key factors to keep the dozers in optimum condition irrespective of the age of the equipment, geographical and weather conditions. Age is the most important thing which acts upon the performance of a dozer. . If you have purchased a used dozer, you have to take extra care. As a used dozer has undergone wear and tear for many years, its level of performance automatically stoops down.

You may have faced problems with the performance of your used dozer many times and at the same time, you cannot stop using this equipment as it plays a major role in a construction site. So, why not maintain spend some time in maintaining your dozer properly? After you read this short article, you will realise how easy it is to keep up your dozer’s proficiency.

Tips to maintain a dozer properly

  • Checkups for steady repair: – Regular checkups of the dozer are essential to ensure a fine working condition. You should change the oil and other fluids in a systematic interval. If you keep your dozer in extremely wet climatic condition, it will damage more quickly. It is because rust will form rapidly on the important parts of the machine. In case of used dozers, the chains, bolts and the undercarriage should be checked to detect the damaged parts.


Checking helps to increase the life span of the constructional equipment. If you find any defaced part, immediately repair it with the assistance of a skilled technician. To avoid any kind of damage, don’t forget to use appropriate tools while checking. You should also put on Hard Hat and gloves while going through the machine.

  • Cleaning of the track frame: – To work in muddy conditions especially in winter freezes the mud on the track frame of the dozer. Therefore, you cannot ignore cleaning off the mud while the equipment is still warm. Use a track spade which perfectly fits into the gap between the track and the frame making the work of cleaning smoother for you. After cleaning, park the dozer either in the snow or on aged tires.


If you do not shovel the mud, it will freeze on the track creating a big problem for the dozer to start up and move. The finest way to unfreeze a frozen dozer is to control the heat and fire and to make use of propane light.

  • Maintenance of Electrical system: – Proper maintenance ofelectrical system which consists of batteries and wires should not be overlooked. Their periodical checkup is necessary to avoid short circuit. Replace the damage or old battery instantly once you detect them. Your wire should be good enough with an efficient fuse system.


Use 12 V batteries connected in series to ensure the working of your 12V radio for two-way business. You can also make use of an inline fuse system close to your battery. It will help the radio to work more effectively without causing any harm to the other parts of the machine.

To put it practically, routine maintenance of equipment will help you to save your money. So, it’s better to do minor fixing to upturn the average life of the dozer.