Sell heavy equipment on the basis of customer’s needs

Selling is indeed an art but it loses its authenticity when you sell things just for the sake of selling. Most of the times customers do not know if a particular product can be helpful to them and perhaps this is the reason why there is a need of a salesman to pitch the product and explain its importance in the customer’s life. However, the fact of the matter is the salesman should have the ability and patience to understand the needs of the customer and only if he finds his product to satisfy the needs, he should go ahead and pitch it to the customer. Well what is happening in today’s time is exactly contrary to what a salesman should be doing. He is so pressurized to achieve his targets that he no longer cares of the ethics that he should follow and sell the product to anybody irrespective of whether he needs it or no.

In case of selling heavy equipment, the salesman may find it to be extremely difficult to sell something that is not going to meet the requirement of the customer. People will simply not buy something that they do not see any use to their business. It makes no sense to invest good chunk of money in buying a machine that has absolutely no practical applicability. In such a situation, the salesman can’t afford to play around with his customer as there are high chances of it getting backfired at him.

So let us discuss what should a salesman do when it comes to selling high priced heavy equipment.

Understanding the need is the key:-

A salesman need not do an in-depth analysis of the project of his customer but can roughly go through the kind of projects he has in hand and the type of heavy equipment he has put to use. By that he will get to know if he can be of any use to his customer by providing something out of the blue. After knowing about the heavy equipment being used in the project, he can pitch in his products which are better than the one that’s being already incorporated.

Show him a fair comparison:-

This requires a bit of hard work as he needs to gather information about the machines the customer is using and the one he has to sell him. In order to do a thorough comparison of both the machines, he needs to know the salient features of the one being used and compare it with his product. Put those points in a “PowerPoint Presentation” and show it to the customer. If your presentation makes sense to him, he will go for it.

Process the necessary paperwork:-

Once the customer gives his nod to buy the machine, you got to do all the paperwork and if needed also assist him with getting a loan at the lowest possible interest rate. Also provide him with a after sales number where he can reach to solve the issues in case he has one.