Save Your Life by Wearing Safety Vest at Construction Sites

Safety vests are seen prominently at the construction sites worn by road flaggers, road workers and emergency personnel. They have to perform their job with heavy equipment in all conditions. The vests are designed to make the wearers more visible to others and hence keep the workers safe. According to the report of Occupational Safety And Health Administration, the reflective material of the safety vest should be sewn all over it to make the workers more visible both day and night. The vests are light-weighted, the loop and hook closure at the front side and the side strap of elastic aid to keep the wearers at ease in any situations.  It is made of fabric of bright neon colour containing a reflective tape that reflects the light of the car headlights.

The fire and emergency rescuers wear ANSI 207-2011 safety vest. These vests are generally known as public safety vests. The workers put them on over safety equipment which can be taken off quickly in the circumstance of complication.

Uses of safety vests

  • The reflective high-visibility safety vests are the first choice of the machine operators as it helps them to be detected and hence others can avoid colliding with them.
  • It also helps to maintain the traffic where it is at its minimal.
  • Putting on a safety vest while performing at huge-traffic areas help to reduce road accidents.
  • Its visibility also enables the wearer at the construction site to make out in foggy or dark conditions.
  • On big construction areas, where a worker is stranger to the other, the vests assist them to welcome a visitor.
  • In case any accident occurs on the site, safety vests make it easier for the emergency employees to locate the injured workers in an uneven landscape.
  • The padding of the vests protects the user from all types of injuries.
  • The vest also provides the worker with warmth making him comfortable in adverse weathers.
  • It is designed with two big sized pockets which are sewn on the interior side of the vest for cartable storage.

Which is better- Air Vest or Traditional Safety Vest?

There is an ongoing discussion about which is better- Air Vest or Safety Vest. At present, both of the brands have an accessible synthesized vest consists of the characteristic of both the safety vest and the air vest. However, modern air vests are designed in such a way that most of the workers working at a construction site prefer to use air vest to traditional safety vests. Development of safety vest set out in some accidental situations is underway, but these kinds of vests are not available commercially.

Maintaining a high-visibility vest is of first concern for different construction employees and this necessary safety equipment provides the employers the chance to assist their colleagues to stay secured and more visible at the job site.

Therefore, in conclusion we can say that safety vests are major safety equipment in a construction company. So, the workers should not forget to put on the vest before going out to work.