Save Our Environment, Go Green – Start Using heavy Equipment with Electric Engines

It’s high time that we start thinking about our environment which is with every passing day is only getting more and more polluted. The reasons are many but the steps taken to tackle the menace are negligible. It’s certainly our responsibility to take up this issue in our hands and look for preventive measures. In construction business, we make use of these heavy equipments which emanates poisonous gases which is quite harmful to us. The companies due to known reasons are more interested in seeing these machines work all day long. However, the fact that irregular maintenance is deteriorating the quality of the engine which in turn is the cause of emission of black smoke and other poisonous gases in the environment which is sufficient enough to make us sick. You can simply imagine the scene in a construction site where you see a number of such machines emitting smoke. It also becomes hard for the people working there to breathe causing numerous health issues.

Keeping this in view, some heavy equipment companies have come up with some models which have hydraulic electric engines which claim to have zero emissions of poisonous gases. Nevertheless, they are still in testing phase. Moreover, it also increases the price of the machine which does hurts the costing of the company. A company may spend “X” amount on procuring heavy equipments that run on diesels but in order to do their bit for the environment, they have to shell out more which many are not ready to do. It seems that slowly and steadily, construction and mining companies are coming out of the grove and are accepting the new model of using electric engines but the ratio is too less. At the same time, the government is not playing a decisive role in implementing any law which compels these companies to start using heavy equipments with electric engines.

This concept of equipments being new has number of ambiguity around it. One does not know the durability of the machines. Though the manufacturers give tall claims about their machines, yet it becomes significant to see how good they can stand on their claims. Since this new technology has been introduced, it talks loud about increasing the efficiency of the machine and also saves on expenses that are incurred from the consumption of fuel. It would be rather good to see such machines taking on the construction site in the next few years and alternatively if such engines can even make their way on the roads thus replacing vehicles that runs on gas.

Implementation of this new technology solely depends on the fact that whether it’s going to be profitable for the companies manufacturing them and at the same time shows its worth to its users. This very condition plays a pivotal role in replacing the old models and making its place in the automation industry. Alternatively, the government should also play its part in encouraging the use of this new technology in the machines. Incentives should be given to tax payers using this technology. This will act as an impetus and will drive many in changing their models and going for eco clean technology.