Safety tips that a construction worker should always follow

The construction sites are one of the most accident-prone areas and workers are highly vulnerable to possible accidents, falls and other sorts of health damages, if proper safety measures are not taken. The construction equipment and heavy machineries are meant for enduring extreme work pressures and hence, they are very strong and heavy.

Loading and unloading heavy construction material, rubble etc. and excavating and filling grounds, removing, lifting and placing heavy material are some of the common actions of the construction sites. During these actions, it is highly possible that the workers encounter accidents, damages and health hazards. Therefore, taking proper safety measures is a must.

Here are some of the most essential construction safety tips that you must follow.

  • Wearing helmets and construction jackets:


A rule of the thumb is that the workers of a construction site always wear helmets and safety jackets with high visibility colours. This will make sure that the workers are safe from being hit by hard objects that might fall from a height during construction. Even they can be warned to stay away from a site that is potentially threatening. As the heavy equipment move, the crew members must stay away or be removed from the site and the jackets help them to be noticed.

  • Skilled drivers:


To run the construction equipment, it is a must that you have workers, who are skilled, trained and experienced about how to run the construction equipment and machineries. With lack of training and knowledge, there is always a chance of accidents.

  • Maintenance of construction equipment:


Servicing and maintenance of the construction equipment and machineries is very important to make sure that all the levers, switches and pulleys are working in proper condition.

  • Alarm:


When the heavy construction equipment is run, the driver needs a 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding. However, it is not always possible for the driver to keep an eye on the surrounding and this can lead to an accident. Hence, a backup alarm to notify block, hindrance or possibility of damage must be there at the construction site.

  • Other gears:


Along with helmets and jackets, there are some other body gears that must be worn and used by the construction site workers. These include –

  • Ear muffs to stay protected from extremely loud sounds of concrete breaks or metal sounds
  • Breathing masks to stay protected from dust
  • Eye gears to protect the eyes from dust, metal particles or glass.

These gears are easily available in the market or online.

  • Keep the materials separate:


Inflammable materials should be kept separately and under high protection. The workers must be equipped with fire extinguishers, so that there is easy control of fire in case of any.

  • First aid box:


A first aid box is one of the very basics of safety measures that the construction sites must have. In case of any cuts, falls or damages, the workers must use the first aid box as a primary step to treatment.

Training the workers about the working process and guiding them about how to stay away from possible accidents is very important.