Safety protocol one needs to follow in a construction site

A construction site encounters damage and destruction to concrete as well as use of heavy equipment. It is very likely that unfortunate events and accidents occur on a construction site. Therefore it is very important to maintain certain safety measurements on the site so that no mishap takes place due to the construction.

Most common accidents that take place on the construction site are:

  • If someone falls to the place where excavation has been done and there has been a collapse, then there can be a serious threat to the life of the person.
  • There have also been events where workers get stuck into the material that has been poured into the hollow in order to fill the excavation.
  • Heavy equipment driven into the excavated zone can also cause severe damage by bringing a collapse to the site.
  • Heavy equipment emitting harmful fumes can also cause accidents.
  • If there is a flood on the construction site, it is very likely that many accidents can occur.

Safety measures:

  1. If there is an excavation or trench, it should be made sure that the sides of the excavation are sloped to a 45° angle. To prevent any collapse, the trench should be supported by timber.
  2. For stopping the vehicles or heavy equipment from sliding into the trench, a stop block that is well anchored should be placed.
  3. Lights are very important at a construction site. Inadequate light causes many accidents and a little care can stop them very easily.
  4. To make sure that there is no possibility of the workers to fall from the construction heights even if they slip from the edge, there should be a well knit net platform spread adjacent to the building that will save them.
  5. In case the workers are working inside the excavated site, and there is a flood, or a poisonous fume generating inside the excavation, it is very important that there is an easy and swift way out from the excavation. At every frequent gap, there should be a ladder to escape the trench in emergency.

Other safety measures:

When the workers are working in the excavation, many a times accidents occur due to the storage of materials on the surface of the trench. Heavy load of these materials makes the timber support lose their strength or even the side walls also lose their support and there occurs a slide of the walls and all those construction materials into the trench. So, construction materials should be kept away from the excavation sites. Workers should work as a team, so that if there is any mishap, the others can at least try to save them. Signalling system must be very strong. First aid and ambulance must be available at the construction site to manage any damage or loss. All the heavy equipment like excavators, cranes and others must be checked before use. Trained and professional workers only should working at the construction site.


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