Safety Equipment at Construction Sites

The construction sector has been growing proportionally with the increase in the rate of commercial construction. New opportunities seem to presenting themselves every day in this sector. Hence, one cannot question the fact that being associated in this field is a profitable venture. However, this can present a number of hazardous situations as well and this is perhaps the reason why the use of safety gadgets in the construction sites has been increasing steadily.

Possible Hazards at Construction Sites

Working at construction sites can be seen as being one of the most hazardous occupations on the block. Construction workers frequently suffer from a variety of injuries that might leave an impact of varying degrees on their lives. Potential hazards at construction sites include-

  • Collapse in the scaffolding and trenches
  • Injury caused by electric shocks and arc blasts
  • Injury can also be caused by suffering falls from great heights.
  • Injury caused by repeatedly straining already injured areas or injuries caused by repetitive motion.
  • Injury caused due to the failure in using proper protection equipments at construction sites.

All the above have been known to cause injuries at construction sites globally. Often, these hazards occur due to failure in proper training of the construction workers and poor supervision at construction sites. Hence, it is important to educate workers on the correct ways and means of accomplishing their job as well as on the safety measures that they could adopt while being on field.

Safety Equipment at Construction Sites

Among the many ways in which the safety of the construction workers can be enhanced, the use of protective equipments is perhaps the best known way.

  • For eye and face protection- Activities such as cutting, welding, nailing and the like are common at construction sites and can lead to foreign objects getting in the eye. Hence, it is important wear protective eye glasses and face shields when dealing with such hazardous situations.
  • For Head protection- There always remains the possibility of objects toppling over form great height and injuring the heads of the construction workers. It is, therefore, important to wear protective equipments such a s a hard hat in order to safeguard oneself against injury by falling objects or accidental collision with electrical objects.
  • For Foot protection- Needless to say, a construction site is always full of objects that is not exactly safe for the feet. It is, therefore, important to protect the feet from being injured by wearing slip and puncture resistant shoes and boots.
  • For Hand protection- It is also important to protect the hands from getting injured by wearing the appropriate protective gloves during work. For instance, workers need to wear welding gloves while welding, insulated gloves while handling electrical equipments. Rubber gloves for concrete work and the like.
  • For Hearing protection- Construction sites are always accompanied by a varying degree of noise, some of which can be hazardous for the auditory faculty of the worker. It is, therefore, important to make use of protective equipments such as, ear plugs or earmuffs when dealing with work that involves a lot of noise.

Occupational fatalities have been increasing at an alarming rate with the increase in the rate of construction work all over the globe. Construction workers are known to suffer from fatal injuries and even death during their course of work. Hence, the use of protective equipments while working at construction sites is of utmost importance.