B&R Equipment

Road construction machines

For the development of the economy of any country, good well maintained roads play quite a vital role. If you have good roads it becomes easy to transport goods from one place to another. Right from agricultural sector to manufacturing industry, all of them highly depend on good constructed roads. One can easily understand how important it is to ferry agricultural products to the main market from where it gets further distributed to the wholesaler and then finally to the retailer. Similarly, raw materials are transported day in and day out so that the manufacturing and other industries can function without any hindrance. It becomes very important to ensure that the roads are well maintained and whatever heavy equipment are required to keep the quality of the roads in place are done without any compromise. Unlike in a construction sector, only few sets of heavy equipment are needed to construct roads and also to maintain them.

As far as the road construction work goes, usage of heavy equipment depends on the kind of work that is needed to be done. It ideally varies from constructing a new road or just working on few repairs on the existing one.

Motor grader:-

Before placing asphalt on the road, it is important to flatten the surface. This can be done with the help of a motor grader. The ones that are used to flatten the surface have 3 axles with the cab on the top of the rear axle and the third axle is located at the very front of the machine. It also has a very long blade in the center of the axles.

Road roller machine:-

A road roller is a common type of heavy equipment that one will find in a road construction area. It is used to press the layer of asphalt that has been laid on the ground. Ideally, 2 to 3 layers of asphalt are laid and thereafter the roller machine is rolled on the road and presses the asphalt to make the road smooth. There are several types of rollers that one can find on road construction projects. The type of rollers is often selected keeping into consideration the kind of road being constructed. There are rubber tire rollers or double drum asphalt rollers or rollers that are combination of both of the rollers. As stated, the kind of construction of roads actually suggests the type of rollers to be used for the project.


Excavators are machines that are used to dig earth and rocks. They are used in road construction projects where there is a need to excavate a portion of land that will help to bring the road to a level. They are also used to break an uneven structure with the help of the boom or the bucket and collect all the dirt and load it on the dump truck.

Wheel Loader:-

A wheel loader is considered to be vital heavy equipment when it comes to construction of roads. It is used to gather all the dirt from the earth and dump it on a dump truck. Due to the big size of the bucket, it can pile up loads of dirt and dump it at a given point of time.