Rent your heavy equipment rather than selling them

Heavy equipment can always fetch you a good resale value but before you think about reselling it, it is very important to understand if there are any other options available that you can take to retain the machine and also make some money during the course of time when it is lying idle. When you are full with work in hand, you do not have to think about renting any of your machines. On the contrary, you may feel the need of having more such machines in your kitty but there may be occasions when you may not have enough work with you and are compelled to keep few of your equipment idle. Well, keeping them idle is not going to help you in any way. You do not get anything if they simply lie down there doing nothing. It is always better to rent them so that you make some money in this bargain and also retain the equipment once the term of the contract gets over. Getting people who want to use the heavy equipment on rental basis will not be a difficult task as you will always find some or the other small contractors who are in the hunt of heavy equipment on rental basis. However the question is how you will know who needs what kind of machine and for this you can simply post an advertisement in a local newspaper. Mention a bit about the machine and give down your contact details so that the ones who are interested can call you up and pay a visit at your place. The other option is you can post your advertisement on internet. This is what majority of people are doing. The feel that posting an ad in a newspaper has become redundant in today’s time and since more and more people are attuned towards internet, they will get more visitors if they post the listing on some heavy equipment rental web site. So all you need to do here is register yourself with a popular online heavy equipment site. List your machine on the website and give the entire description of the machine. Here, unlike in a newspaper ad, it allows you to mention in details about the machine. So you can just put across everything you know, every small feature that people would like to know and help them take a decision. Once you get a taker, the next important step is to form an agreement with him where you will state the terms and conditions in detail. You can get in touch with your attorney who can help you to draft an agreement. The agreement should explicitly state the tenure for which the taker will take your machine on rent and the rental amount he will be paying on a monthly basis. If there are any other conditions that you have, you can state it all there on the agreement. Get it signed by him and keep the original with you. In this way, you can manage to get money on a monthly basis without losing the equipment forever.