Reasons you should wear construction safety long sleeve shirts

Constructions works are very strenuous and one has to work for long hours at a construction job site. Sometimes the works go day and night. In case of road constructions, the night works are quite common and obvious as the traffic is less during the night. Hence, when roads are being repaired, new roads are being constructed or roads are being expanded, or even during the construction of other public constructions such as flyovers and bridges, the workers are often found to be working day and night on the roads.

Since working at night and that too on the roads can be quite dangerous as the workers can be hit by the drivers, if they are not clearly visible, it is a must that proper safety measures are followed. Though road safety signs and directions are always given and safety cones are also used to protect an area that is under construction, it is a must that the individuals also follow proper safety measures. This is why, the construction safety long sleeve shirts are worn by them.

Why should the workers wear these?

The construction safety long sleeve shirts are, as the name suggests, full sleeve T-shirts or shirts. Like the construction safety vests, these shirts are also made up of the bright, fluorescent orange, green or yellow colour. Hence, one can identify the workers from a distance and understand that work is under progress. However, there are many other benefits of these shirts, apart from the factor of visibility. These include –

  • Protection from sun:


As they have long sleeves, the workers do not have to encounter problem due to the exposure in sun. During long working hours in the hot summers, one can stay protected from the sun.

  • Protection from wind:


Chilly winds can also prohibit the smooth performance or operation of the workers. These construction safety long sleeve shirts can prevent the strong and chilly winds. Workers can work for long even in winters. These shirts are very comfortable to wear.

  • Reflective stripes:


As these shirts and t-shirts also come with the reflective tapes striped on them, it is very likely that even during the night, when darkness prevails, the shirts will glow as lights from the vehicles fall and reflect on these shirts. Thus, one can easily be identified from a distance and the drivers will be able to avoid the zone, understanding that work is in progress.

Buying these construction safety long sleeve shirts:

The construction safety long sleeve shirts are quite affordable and you can easily find the size that suits you. These are complete in themselves and you do not have to wear the safety vests for extra protection. They can easily be found online and you will be able to choose the colour that you need. Whether you need a shirt or a t-shirt, is entirely your choice or pick the one that your employer demands you to wear. No doubt, this will keep you safe from accidents, hazards and also the environmental conditions.