Rain affects the construction project

Rains ideally brings cheers on our faces but when it comes to the construction industry it may not always be the same case. When the workers are laying the foundation of a building, rains can be a boon. The rain water supplements for the cost of water that is required to put on the foundation slab. A construction company can save a lot when it is in the foundation phase but when the building is been given a shape and it starts raining, the entire work comes to a standstill. The builders can incur huge loses if it continues to rain for days. There are lot of places in US where the rainfall in heavy and the construction sector in these places take a backseat in such weather conditions. Many construction companies do not want to take any projects during the beginning of the monsoon as they have experienced good deal of problems due to heavy rains.

It hugely impacts the digging operation:-

For construction houses who have taken a new project at the beginning of the monsoon face tremendous issues to dig the foundation. If they start the digging process and it rains heavily, the entire place gets filled with water and then they have to take extra pain to pump the water out. In order to pump the water out, they need specialized equipments that are capable in pumping the water. This ideally cost them a fortune and many construction companies do not want to get into the hassle of digging the construction site during the monsoon. They would rather wait for the weather to change and then begin the work.

Can’t complete the project in time:-

Rain can play a huge role in spoiling the goodwill you have maintained over the years of completing the project in time. If the weather is not good, you have no other option than to wait till it clears off. You just can’t take any kind of risk and begin working. If it starts raining, you are left with no other alternative than to stop the work. Therefore, it is imperative that you either take the job at the time that you feel is appropriate and you can kick start the work from the word “GO” or if you feel the monsoon is going to be a spoiler, then you better inform the people involved that there may be some delays before you hand over the work to them.

Problem in transporting materials to the construction site:-

Heavy rains can disgust you when you are in dire need of construction materials to be transported to the construction site. Due to water clogging, vehicles carrying the construction materials will get stuck and can only move once the water level recedes. If the materials are coming from a far-fetched place and it gets stuck due to water jam then you have to pay your workers for doing nothing.

Speeding up of work can lead to a decline in the quality of work:-

Since the rains have delayed your work and you are running behind schedule, you will be hurrying things. This may lead to compromising the quality of work. If the quality is compromised, there are higher chances that you may not get any business from the same person.