Protect your heavy equipment during winter

Winter has often caused enormous problems for heavy equipment owners. Construction companies have at times suffered huge losses as they were unable to get the machine to operate. This is therefore very crucial to protect your heavy equipment during this time of the year when there is heavy snow on the road and the weather out is absolutely chilled. One of the prime reasons why heavy equipment fail to work during winters is lack of maintenance. You have to make it a point to service the heavy equipment regularly or else it is bound to give problems at some point or the other and winters can be really vulnerable.

Heavy equipment like graders that are used to get snow off the road should be really well maintained. Right from the engine to its blades every part of the heavy equipment plays an important role in removing snow. Just before winter arrives, you should do some tests with the machine and check if everything is in order. If it gives slightest of indication of any issues, you should get it resolved from a mechanic. If at all you have the skill to fix heavy equipment reading the user manual you can try that out as well.

Read user manual to protect heavy equipment during winter:-

The user manual of particular heavy equipment is quite a crucial book and one should always keep it handy. It speaks in volumes about the way and methods that one can adopt to keep the machine active and running during any weather of the year. So just before the onset of winter the heavy equipment owner should check the manual and see what care has been advised by the book. Try to follow the user guide as much as you can. It will really help you to lengthen the overall life of the machine and also protect it during winter.

Keep your heavy equipment parts well lubricated:-

Start with the engine oil and end to the various crucial parts of the heavy equipment which require oil to stay lubricated. The oil that you use for the engine should match the outside temperature and try to use low viscosity oil that flows faster. Changing engine oil is most crucial and probably the most neglected part in this business. People have to compensate it with changing the engine or other vital parts which are damn expensive. Coolant is another thing that you must apply on the machine. Try to keep a mixture of 70% coolant and 30% water during the winters and in other seasons, it should be 50:50. Also you must ensure that the radiator is filled to the cap. This should be done before the start of the winter.

Apply tire chains so that it does not skid:-

While the heavy equipment is busy removing snow, there is a high possibility that it skids off from the road and hit the other lane. This could be dangerous and therefore applying tire chains is of utter importance. It will protect the tires from skidding and will ensure the safety of the operator and the machine.

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