Proper agreement is required before you rent your heavy equipment

Construction business is never constant. It will have a rising as well as a declining trend and it may hit you hard when the trend is declining. Therefore it is necessary that you be prepared to meet the circumstances when things are not going the way you want. First and foremost you need to do away with your heavy equipment that are sitting idle. By doing away, it does not imply that you sell them off but you can make use of another option and that is to rent it to someone who has work with him but no heavy equipment. You can meet his need by renting the machine to him and in turn you charge him monthly rentals. In this way, your machine will be in use and there will be inflow in income on a monthly basis.

Since we are talking about renting the construction machine, we also should be focusing on another important fact and it is forming an agreement with the taker. An agreement with the taker is very crucial when you are handing over the equipment on a temporary basis to an unknown person. It actually guarantees that you keep on receiving the money till the end of the agreement and once the term is over, you can either renew the contract or can get back the possession of the equipment. Whatever the case may be, a contract with the party assures that your machine will be in order and if there is any major wear and tear that happens with the machine, the taker will be liable to bear the expenses to get that fixed.

An agreement is often made only after you are done discussing the terms verbally and you want to put everything on paper. It also implies that both the parties are accepting the terms and therefore it is there on the paper. The parties will then sign on the dotted line and then they are bound to abide by the terms mentioned in the agreement. If any of the side goes against the terms, they will be accountable and may be fined by the law of the land. Therefore, it is very important that one must go through the terms mentioned in the agreement thoroughly before they sign on the dotted line. Once it is signed they can’t go back on the terms.

The giver should mention the amount he will receive each month for renting the equipment and the total period for which he is renting it to the taker. He can also mention the type of care that the taker should be taking while the equipment is in his possession. Things like the time when the machine should be given for servicing, how long you can keep the machine working etc. also forms a part of the contract.

Renting the equipment has always been a viable option for people who have several machines lying idle with them and need someone who can make good use of them and in turn pay them the rentals.