Process to buy Caterpillar Scrapers

Scrapers (wheel tractor pulled machines) are type of heavy duty equipment mainly used during construction work. They are useful when hauling distances ranging between 500 to 3000 feet. They are earthmoving machines performing three tasks of excavating, hauling and placing the soil independently. Hence they are the most used heavy machines on any construction site. Caterpillar Inc.’s Wheel Tractor Scrapers are preferred by any commercial user. Since they are easy to operate, possess good mobility, have safety features and are easy to maintain.

Caterpillar manufactures wheel tractor scrapers of 3 main types as Coal Bowl, Elevating and Open bowl scrapers. Further each of them is available in form of different models. They differ from each other in terms of scraper capacity and top speed. In addition to manufacturing of new scraper machines, Caterpillar also sells used scrapers which are in good running conditions. Thus, it’s a challenge for a commercial user to choose the suitable type of model from the wide variety of Caterpillar scrapers. In addition, any heavy equipment including scraper is a heavy investment. Hence, the buyer needs to be diligent while buying a scraper.

The following guidelines will be helpful to the buyer during the process of buying Caterpillar scrapper:

  1. Buyer should learn about the applications of scrapers. They should set their own needs and expectations. They should know their job size, volume of material to move, job conditions, rolling resistance and material type.
  2. They should gain knowledge of the parts of scrapers and understand their functions. Further, they should learn the application of different types of models by referring to the available options and product specifications. Also check for reliability and ease of use.
  3. Buyers should keep in mind the conditions at the construction site and whether a scrapper can function well in these conditions. Scraper works well in sandy soil where they can easily load the material and spread it. They are not good on the wet, sticky clay and on the rocky soil. Buyers should also consider weather conditions and scraper storage and transport
  4. To decide on the type of scraper required according to one’s nature of work.
  5. To decide on the model type and size of the scrapper. Wheel tractor scrapers excel in materials that require a high horsepower-to-weight ratio and the models vary in these factors.
  6. Buyers should be aware of additional attachments other than the standard attachments used for the scrapers. Using multiple attachments allows scraper to perform different tasks, simply by switching the attachment.
  7.  Buying used scraper: Since these machines last long and can operate for long hours, user can try this option of buying a used scrapper. The user should ascertain the working condition of scrapper and the cost of repairs.

While buying a scraper the buyer should consider most important guidelines such as the soil properties, haul road conditions and performance specifications of a scraper. In addition, according to the nature of construction project they should choose the model that can work the best for a long time with reduce costs of maintenance.