Prepare goals that are realistic – Do not ape what others do

We often consider every business to be tricky. However the fact is we make it tricky by probably deviating from the basics of the business. Innovation should never be considered as a form of deviation. It is rather a part of the basics but following someone else’s success model and incorporating it in your business may not give you the desired result. It can possibly give success to the person who has adopted that model but not everything is for everybody. We should not ape around what others do. On the contrary, we should have role models and analyze their way of working. Use that as a source of inspiration but never adopt the exact same model and incorporate it in your work culture. It may not work for you and therefore you need to do some experiment and see what works best for you.

Prepare a growth chart:-

Preparing a growth chart will actually help you take there. You need not make it for 10 years down the line. Try to keep the chart for a period of a year or two so that it would be easy for you to monitor the growth. It also helps you to track the growth that you have estimated and the actual one that you were able to achieve. This kind of concept matters a lot in the construction arena where people come only with the intention of making money. They may be quite short sighted and therefore they are the one who have to wrap up their business during turbulent times. The ones who have a long term vision will initially take baby steps and monitor their growth and once they become confident of their start that they will pull the accelerator and move with high speed.

Your goals should be realistic:-

This is a common mistake which many owners of small construction companies make. They keep their goals unrealistically higher and when they are unable to achieve them they feel dejected with their performance and end up by taking some drastic decisions that further dampens the career growth of the company. Therefore it is crucial that you set up goals that are achievable. By setting up unrealistic goals, you are only mounting pressure on yourself and on the people who are associated with your company. That is certainly not a wise thing to do as people will not be able to take the pressure anymore and will start quitting. You will then have to do away with some valuable resources which are then very hard to get.

You start should be slow:-

We often have the perception that the faster we grow the better we are. Well this is nothing but a myth. There is nothing called fast growth that ever existed. You do not start making profits from the very next day and if you think you should then business is not your cup of tea. You should be patient and understand the business first. Be slow but be steady. You take time to stand. Once you are up on your feet, take calculative risk and move steadily. You are not in a race with anybody. Enjoy your work as and when you go along with it.