New Caterpillar Scrapers

Scrapers are one of the most important heavy equipment in the construction business and it plays a significant role a far as the business is concerned. Many construction companies who are indulging in big projects want to use new scrapers that are technologically advanced and have the potential of doing the work at a lesser duration than the conventional ones. It is one of the finest machinery when it comes to earth moving equipment as it can carry huge volume of dirt at a time and move it from one place to other. Articulated trucks can also be used to carry dirt but they are not accessible in every terrain and therefore the need of scrapers arises. They can carry the dirt from one point and load it on the truck that is located in another point from where it can be transported to the dumping ground.

Scrapers are of different variety and it is important to understand which variety of scraper is used for what work. Heavy equipment manufacturing companies do understand the different needs and want of the end user and they accordingly manufacture products keeping into consideration these needs. They first do a thorough study of the market and try to read the pulse of it. Once they are done with the study and an elaborated report they work that out with their engineers and bring out something that is meeting the consumer’s expectation. One such company that supersedes consumer’s expectation is Caterpillar. They are into the tradition of surpassing consumer’s expectation and come up with machines that has distinct features from the rest of the products available in the market.

When we talk about surpassing consumer’s expectation, it is not about the consumers of US but they do it consumers throughout the globe and this is why they are considered to be the market leader when it comes to manufacturing A-class machines. It has recently introduced 631G scraper and we will be speaking a bit about its specifications.

Starting straight away with the power of this machine, the gross power of 631G scraper is 515 hp and net power is 490 hp with a displacement of 1099 cu in. Looking into the operational side of the machine, the total fuel capacity of the machine is 215 gallons. The cooling system fluid capacity, engine oil fluid capacity, transmission fluid capacity, differential fluid capacity and hydraulic system fluid capacity is 32 gallons, 11.7 gallons, 33 gallons, 36 gallons and 50.2 gallons respectively. The operating voltage of the machine is same like all other scraper which is 24 V and the alternator supplied amperage is 75 amps.

It is installed with 8 speed automatic Power shift with electronic control device. The total number of forward and reverse gears is 8 and 1 respectively and the maximum forward and reverse speed is 33.2 mph and 6.2 mph respectively. The total operating weight of the machine while being empty is 46475 kg and when it is loaded, it is around 80495 kg.

The 631G scraper falls slightly into the expensive side but certainly within the reach of most construction companies. One can also get loan on this machine. So it should be within the budget.