New Caterpillar Excavators

New advanced excavators are the need of the hour as the construction industry needs is in dire need of such machines that has the capability of excavating earth in just few hours. The existing ones which most of the companies have are also competent enough to do the same work but the only difference is that they consume lot of fuel and the productivity is not that high as compared to the fuel consumption. This clearly indicates that the construction companies are not making enough profits which they could make if they have excavators that consumes less fuel and is more productive.

Keeping the needs of the construction companies into consideration, Caterpillar has come up with various models of new machines that are known to be highly productive and more reliable that all its previous models. They are also more technologically sound and gives more comfort to the person operating the machine. Simultaneously, the newer models of excavators can sustain rough weather conditions like working for hours in the hot summer or in the monsoon where the land is muddy and have high chances of dirt making its way into the interiors of the machine and during the chilled winters where the excavators is used to plough the snow out of the roads.

Caterpillar has produced many new excavators, some big in size and some are the smaller ones. The small excavators also popularly known as mini excavators are widely used by big construction companies. They find these machines to be very economical, user friendly and more reliable. At the same time, it can be used in sites where big excavators find it difficult to enter. These small machines due to its small size can easily enter small sites and does the work with equal effect as compared to the bigger ones. Caterpillar is concentrating to develop more of these mini excavators as it found this machine to be the blue eyed candy boy amongst construction companies and therefore they are focusing on making it more technologically advanced.

Though these mini excavators can’t completely replace the bigger ones as they have their own importance in the construction industry, it is just that they are easy to maneuver and can access sites which are not possible for the larger version of excavators. If we speak about the maintenance of these machines, they are not at all complex and can be done in a day. Servicing is however equally important in lengthening the life of the equipment. One has to ensure that he needs to service the machine at regular intervals as and when it is advised to him by the mechanic or mentioned in the service manual. Delays are understandable but it should not be a prolonged one.

The mini excavators are also quite affordable as it is normally within the budget of every owner of a construction company. They ideally do not have to take a loan to procure that machine and even if they do go for a loan, it can be cleared off in no time.