New Caterpillar Bulldozers

Construction business owners invest a lot on heavy equipment and they are always in the look of technologically advanced machines that has the capacity of working for hours at length, consumes less fuel, emit less carbon and provide enough comfort to the operator so that at the end of the day they do not feel dead tired. Reliability is something that they are not ready to compromise a bit and if they find that the machine is not up to the mark, then very soon the demand diminishes for that machine incurring huge loss to the manufacturer. Keeping everything into due deliberation, Cat always comes up with products that matches consumer’s needs, wants and demands and in this process they turn out to be the undisputed leader in the heavy equipment manufacturing industry leaving every other company far behind.

Caterpillar is renowned for producing different types of equipment and is best known for producing dozers. We will be speaking in length about one of its new arrival and that is CAT D11T dozer.

Starting with the dimension of the machine, the total length of the machine with blade is 34.9 ft in and without blade it is 19.8 ft in, the width over the tracks is 11.8 ft in, the height to the top of the cab is 13.4 ft in and the length of the track on the ground is 12.7 ft in. Paying little attention on the specs, CAT D11T has a gross power of 935 hp and net power of 850 hp. The power measure is at 1800 rpm and the displacement is 1958.9 cu in. The total number of cylinders installed in the dozer is 12.

The total operating weight of the machine is 104590 kg with a fuel capacity of 425 gallon. The cooling system fluid capacity, the engine oil capacity, hydraulic fluid capacity and power-train fluid capacity is 63 gallon, 28 gallon, 64.2 gallon and 91 gallon respectively. The operating voltage is 24 V with alternator supplied amperage of 100amps.

Moving to the transmission of the machine, the total number of forward and reverse gears is 3 with a maximum forward speed of 7.3 mph and maximum reverse speed of 8.7 mph. The standard shoe size of the machine is 28 in. The total number of shoes on each side is 41 and the total number of track rollers on each side is 8. Moving the focus to the blade of the dozer, the width and height of the blade is 18.3 ft in and 109 in respectively. The capacity of the blade is 35.5 yd3 and the cutting depth is around 30.2 in.

It is fitted with hydraulic pump that is ideally gear driven and has a relief valve pressure of 3500 psi and the pump flow capacity is 66 gallon per minute. People who are intending to buy this machine should first go through its specifications and decide to buy it only if they find it suitable for their projects which it ideally is.