Make use of eco-friendly heavy equipment to save our planet

Our planet is almost on the verge of getting destructed by its inhabitants and the irony is that we know who is responsible for it and still can’t do anything about it. We have been polluting or environment for years and now we are at the brink. There has been a tremendous rise in the temperature and we are all feeling the heat of the situation. There have been several seminars and meetings held all across the globe to bring the alarming situation in front of the world leaders but nothing much has been done to curb this menace.

The construction industry is also a major contributor to the global warming issue and it is high time that we realize how devastating this is going to be for all of us. The big as well as the small construction companies should think about what they can do to bring things in control. Let them at least do their bit in saving the world. Their contribution can indeed work big time towards the big goal of saving the planet from an otherwise inevitable destruction.

First thing first. With the ever growing population and with the ever changing needs of the people, it is nearly impossible to say NO to construction. Construction industry is here to stay and with it there are also chances of it polluting the environment. But what can be done is if the construction companies start using eco-friendly heavy equipment, it can work as a major contributor in bringing down the emission of Co2 and other intoxicants. It is just that every construction company should take the pledge of stop using the conventional machines that is pretty high on the list of environmental hazards.

The way to deal with this problem lies with the companies that manufacture heavy equipment. They can produce equipment that are eco-friendly and at the same time also performance oriented. Well, the challenge in manufacturing such machines is that they will be very expensive and the heavy equipment companies will not see many buyers for it. As a matter of fact, not every construction company can afford to buy these expensive machines as the ones who have just entered in this industry are working hard to survive, disclaiming the idea to ask them to use such equipment. It is simply not going to work and there is a need to work this out in a different way.

Here the government plays a very crucial role. They can ask the banks to provide such small construction companies with loans at lower interest rate so that they can buy them and have to pay less compared to other big companies. The government can also bring subsidy to the tax payments wherein companies who are using eco-friendly machines would have to pay less tax for the initial few years. Slowly and gradually the price of these green heavy equipment will come down and when most of them are able to afford to buy them, the government can restructure the tax plan for the construction companies.