Make sure that the raw materials are there in the jobsite on time

For any industry to survive, receiving raw materials on time is a must. They are probably the second most important resource after human resource because as long as the raw materials are not there, the labor force may not move an inch forward and the work will remain pending. Due to this reason, it is quite imperative for the person in-charge of the stocks to ensure that the raw materials are always available and when he finds that they are running out of stock, order them in advance so that the labors do not have to wait for it come and leave their work pending. The importance of raw materials is felt mostly in the construction industry. This sector in particular will be unable to work if they do not have the stock of raw materials with them. They perhaps understand the importance of raw materials better than any other industry.

Simultaneously, they do not just have to depend upon on type of raw materials. In a construction jobsite, they require different types of raw materials to get the desired result. So the person who is in- charge of keeping a stock of the raw materials need to absolutely sure that he has all in place and in case if there is a deficiency of any stuff that needs to be ordered well before time. In the construction sector, the stock of raw materials is kept by the site engineer. Though they participate in many other things, this becomes major part of their portfolio. Their annual appraisal is also determined on how carefully they have managed their part of job and the kind of onus they have shown. Their promotions are also based on this work. Mostly, this one carries a major point as far as their growth is concerned in this industry.

Must keep the stock of raw materials on weekly basis:-

You may never know when the raw materials are out of stock. When the construction in the jobsite is in full swing, they just use everything they have and there is a higher chance that you may run out of stock. This is why it is recommended that you keep monitoring the stock on a weekly basis. If you can manage to check it more frequently it will be better but anything more than a week can be risky.

Liaise with several vendors:-

When it comes to ordering raw materials the site engineer have to get in touch with many vendors to procure different types of raw materials. It is never that one particular vendor will deal with all kinds of raw materials and this is why developing rapport with several vendors is a crucial one. Also, many a time, some vendors may themselves run out of stock. In this situation, he needs to get in touch with some other vendor. This means that the person who is in-charge of keeping stock of raw materials need to know all possible vendors in the city so that if one runs out of stock, he can get the materials supplied from some other vendor. Liaison with several vendors forms part of his work and he needs to be the best in it.

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