Maintaining Your Heavy Equipments during summer

Summer is a season that many enjoy and many do not. They have their own reasons for liking this season. Some enjoy the heat after a chilled winter and loves to go out on a vacation. Summer is the most ideal time to enjoy. However, that was purely restricted to humans and not with machines. With context to machines, they are more prone to breakdowns during this season. Summer may not have much to offer to people being in construction businesses as they may find their machines giving up quite often. The heavy equipments are meant to work all day and during a pleasant weather one can find its engine to have become extremely hot. Leave aside the days when the sun is at its full swing and showering its wrath on the planet earth. Things become quite difficult for humans though they have the luxuries to live in air condition houses but that is perfectly in contrast to the heavy equipments. Though the heavy equipment manufacturers are producing machines which can resist the heat of the scorching sun, but at times it tends to break down. So the question here is how we deal with the situation. During summer, the sun would be in no mood to keep its cool but the work has to be completed. Not in the wildest of their dreams can a construction company think of not working for a single day. That would cost them a fortune and hence they would take every possible step to ensure that their equipments are not affected by summer.

Daily maintenance of the equipment:-  Heavy equipment should be maintained on a daily basis. They should be lubricated properly and if any particular part of the machine has become obsolete, it should be replaced immediately. One should follow the thumb rule of spending at least 15 minutes of his day in doing proper maintenance work of the equipment. Please understand that a faulty part in a machine can lead to serious consequences resulting in accidents causing injury to the workers.

One needs to run through all the parts of the machine to check if they are all in order. If possible, he can also run a test to check if the machine is making a noise that supposedly leads to a problem. Also check if there are any leakages in any part of the machine and if found should be immediately taken care of. Give a wash to your machine. Ensure that it is clean and the parts of the machine don’t have dust wrapped in oil. These may sound childish as we often ask your children to follow these small things with their stuff and on the other hand often neglect doing them on the heavy equipments.

Quarterly maintenance:-  Under daily maintenance, you keep a check on small stuffs but quarterly maintenance is equally important. You may give the equipment to a mechanic who will service it thoroughly. They may open the parts of the machine and lubricate it properly. Quarterly maintenance should be followed by seasonal maintenance so that any wear and tear caused during a particular season can be taken care of and the machine is ready for the next one.