Love your brand but don’t act rigid while picking one

In today’s world you will find people who are brand conscious and will not use a product that is not associated with some famous brand and rightly so, the brand name does matter a lot. You buy things based on the trust that you have on the brand. So if you have heard a name for the first time, you do not know how the overall product will be in terms of quality, efficiency and if it is worth to pay the price that the seller is quoting. When you dealing with known brands you know for sure that you are buying stuff that is probably the best in the market at a given price. Now in terms of heavy equipment where you are investing chunk of money buying them you just can’t rely on brand that you have never heard of. Just in case if the brand is new in the market, you will probably do all the necessary research work to have the confidence to buy the machine?

There is however something more important than just buying branded heavy equipment and it is to be flexible when it comes to switching over to some other brand. It has been normally seen that people who stick to a particular brand do not wish to switch to a different one; how better the heavy equipment of the other brand be. The rigidity of not moving to another brand can also prove to be costlier to them. The brand that they are using may be expensive or may lack some features that is of immense importance for the business. This is when he should leave his rigidity and become a bit flexible by moving to a different brand. There is a chance that the new brand he moves to may be more expensive but if it gives him what his business wants, it is worth the cost.

To know when to move to another brand:-

There are some construction companies who are wise enough to not have any attachment or bonding with a particular brand and easily move on to a new one whenever they see the need. Such companies are practical in nature and this is how one should be when they are a part of a volatile industry like construction. In this form of a business, things may change overnight and therefore leaving any form of rigidity is advisable. You should know when to move to a different brand. When the existing brand has become expensive and you have better options at a cheaper rate is one such sign that you should switch.

Switching does not mean you’ve stopped loving your brand:-

People who use heavy equipment of Komatsu may switch to CAT if they find something out of the way in the new brand but that does not mean that they are done with the previous brand. If they find something better by Komatsu they can readily go for that rather than assuming CAT as a superior brand.

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