Looking To Buy a Bulldozer – Your Search Ends at John Deere

If you are in a construction business, you may perhaps know the importance of a bulldozer in your industry. It’s one of the most important machines that are needed in this form of business and one certainly can’t think of getting into this business without having a dozer with him. If you are working in a redevelopment project where you are required to bring down the old construction and rebuilt a new one, you need this mighty stuff to break down the old settlements. You also need them for constructing roads, wherein they are mainly used in moving the earth from one place to the other and also levelling the land. The engineers has designed the machine keeping into consideration the fact that it has to go through laborious chores on a daily basis and the person using it can’t expect it to break down at any point in time.

Bulldozers being a tough machine differs in quality and many manufacturers claims to be the best in the industry. Well, that ultimately depends on the user as to how they rate the machine produced by a particular user. Though surveys are conducted on timely basis to find out the company that manufactures the best of machines and it has been often found that John Deere has always managed to give an edge to its competitors. The quality of their machines unarguably excels at every parameter making them the number one producer of bulldozer in terms of excellence.

Let us now talk about its features and utilities. Most of the dozers are fitted with “Interim 4 Tier Emission” engine which lengthens its durability for good number of years. The engine also has side-by-side coolers which ensure the engine remains cool after working for long hours. Other than this, it uses wet-sleeve cylinders liners which give uniform cooling. This enables the dozer to work tirelessly for days and without any breakdowns. As a matter of fact, every contractor hates taking their machine to a mechanic and getting it repaired. They want their machine to work endlessly without any hiccups.

The engineers have worked to better the hydraulic and hydrostatic systems by sealing it completely with common fluid and filter codes which removes the chances of cross contamination. Doing this ensures that the dozer remains in good state and you don’t have to worry much about the maintenance issues. The dozers are also gifted with an optional feature known as “Integrated Grade Control”. Having this feature in your machine empowers you with laser levelling technology which means you can automatically control the hydraulic grading functions.

Well that was all about the machine and its engine, now let’s talk about the person who would be operating it. The cabins of the operator have been built by taking into consideration his comfort and knowing that he got to be sitting in the cabin for a long time. The cabin is fitted with air condition to keep the person inside cool and comfortable. A suspension arm chair can be fitted inside to keep the operator productive. However this is optional and not inbuilt.

John Deere’s bulldozers are a popular brand by now and most construction and mining companies always game for their machines.