Looking for a stable and economical excavator – You should try Gradall

The one heavy equipment without which it would be unimaginable to work in a construction site is an excavator. An excavator is such heavy equipment that can be used for several purposes like its core work of excavating the earth, lifting the dirt and moving it from one place to the other and doing a lot of other things for which you may require some other equipment. If you have a big project in hand, you can’t think of doing it without the presence of an excavator. You need something very strong to dig the land and move all the earth to some other place. You can’t also afford to install another machine just to pick the dirt from the site. An excavator becomes really handy when it comes to performing dual work of excavating the land and taking the dirt away.

When we talk about an excavator, we also have to identify which company’s excavator should a person go for. There are several companies who are manufacturing wide range of excavators that meets the demand of the buyer But as every different person has a different need, they should understand that not all kind of excavators can fulfill their needs and therefore they should possibly do some research before coming down to the excavator they want to buy. People who are looking for a stable yet economical excavator can find Gradall as their best choice. The XL 4300 III model of Gradall can give you both stability and solid rock performance. The best part in this model is that the operator can work the machine in the front as well as in the back without using the outriggers. The option comes as a boon to the operators who are using conventional excavators as it needs to stop working to lower the outriggers.

The overall weight of the machine is around 43,580 pounds and has a horsepower of 173. The tilting boom and the telescoping capabilities of this model are indeed unparallel to many other models manufactured by other giant companies. It also does not go down on boom end power when it is working on jobs that require high productivity like removing the pavements, excavating a good piece of land, trenching and demolishing objects covering a huge area.

The tail swing of Gradall XL 4300 III is short and avoids unwanted traffic while it is working on highways making it a blue eyed candy machine for contractors. Other than this, it also offers loads of features to the man working inside the cabin of the machine. The cabin in fully air conditioned with a front window that is removable and also provides a switch to select the joystick patterns of Deere.

The machine can dig to a maximum of 21 feet which is pretty deep if you are working for a project that’s requiring you to build big buildings. The customer service of Gradall is better than most of the heavy equipment manufacturing companies. You won’t be waiting for someone to fix your problem if you have any. Someone will reach you sooner than you may expect.

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