Long Reach Excavator

An excavator is normally used to dig deep inside the earth and extract the dirt out so that it can make way for a strong foundation for the building. Therefore, an excavator has a lot of importance when it comes to the construction or mining sector. Construction companies are ready to pay large sum of money to buy excavators that are best in fuel efficiency, productivity and reliability. On the other hand, heavy equipment producing companies also pay heed to the demands of their customers making it a point that they manufacture world class products after doing some extensive research work. When the construction companies felt the need of a long reach excavator, they had one probably during the 1970’s by MHJ Ltd. The long reach excavator was designed specifically to work on waterways. Now what is important in long reach excavators is the hydraulic fittings that needs to be of top notch quality and that gave way to companies like Hitachi and Komatsu who were said to be the leaders of producing quality machines in their zones.

A long reach excavator is needed to remove large quantities of stuff from water surface which is not possible by the normal type of excavators that we all know. Caterpillar was soon to join the race and became one of the most splendid manufacturers giving stiff competition to the ones who were holding the market for a long time. We will be speaking in brief about the specs of 345B L Series II Long Reach Hydraulic Excavator that became famous after it was introduced in the heavy equipment market.

Starting with the boom/stick of the machine, the shipping length and height of the unit is 49 ft in and 18.4 ft in respectively. The maximum cutting height and loading height is 47.4 ft in and 38.2 ft in while the maximum reach along ground and the digging depth is 57.7 ft in and 40.1 ft in respectively. Moving to the dimension of the machine, the width to outside of tracks is 14.2 ft in and the length of track on ground is also of the same measurement. The ground clearance of the machine is 2.3 ft in and the height to the top of the cab is 12 ft in and the tail swing radius is also 12 ft in. The track gauge is 12.2 ft in and the shoe size is 23.6in.

The 345B L Series long reach excavator has been gifted with high power to perform. The gross and net power of the machine is 345 hp and 321 hp with a displacement of 628.5 cu in. The operational weight of the machine is 51300 kg with a fuel capacity of 720 liters. The cooling system fluid capacity, hydraulic system fluid capacity and engine oil capacity is 66 liters, 520 liters and 30 liters respectively. The minimum bucket capacity is 1.4m3 and the maximum capacity is 1.7m3. It can travel at a maximum speed of 2.7 mph keeping it pretty stable.