Know the different types of construction tape for jobsites before buying

In a construction site, a number of tools and equipment are required. They not only aid in the construction process, but are also important in making the construction perfect. Though the heavy equipment or construction vehicles such as the heavy trucks, haulers and bulldozers are considered the most important ones, the smaller tools like construction tapes are equally important. When you use the construction tape for jobsites, they help in the construction process, making sure that the task is done easily and more effectively.

There are a number of benefits that you can enjoy with these tapes. These include –

  • Fixing minor mistakes
  • Protecting the damaged areas of a jobsite by covering them with these tapes
  • Controlling dust deposition on plastic sheets.

However, before you proceed on to buy these tapes for your construction site; it is a must that you know about the different options.

  1.  Painter’s masking tape:


Painting constructors are most widely seen to be using these tapes. The temporary dust barriers that are used in making sure that the painting surface remains dust free can be held up by using these tapes. Many a times, there are individuals, who do not take the help of professional painters while painting their house. In those DIY projects and cases, the painter’s tapes are used. They are very good in making sure that no paint residue is left on the surface. In fact, the best quality tapes can ensure that the paint does not come off, when the tape is applied on the painted surface or wall.

2.  Duct tape:


These are the most commonly used construction tapes. They vary in quality and thickness and also the adhesive levels also vary. Therefore, whether the tape will hold on for a long period or not; rather its durability largely depends on the quality.

3.  Stucco tape:


Amongst the many construction tape for jobsites, the stucco tapes of the red polyethylene tapes are very important ones. These are used during stucco application and they help in holding the plastic around the window up. With the help of these tapes, there is no need for post-stucco application cleaning of the windows.

4.  Caution tape:


The caution tapes do not have any adhesives. However, they are very useful in meeting with the RRP compliance laws. These tapes are used to indicate lead hazards in those construction sites, where asbestos and lead, are present.

5.  UV-Resistant Threshold Tape:


During construction, many a times, there can be surfaces that are exposed to the direct sunlight for a long period. In that case, the surfaces can flake down due to the exposure to UV rays of the sun. Hence, the UV resistant threshold tapes are used to protect them.

Now that you have known about the different kinds of construction tape for jobsites, it will be easier for you to know about the right type of tape that is suitable for a construction purpose. In fact, a construction company must have all these different kinds of construction tapes in their possession, so that there is no trouble encountered during the construction.