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Keep yourself open to suggestions, it will help you grow

While starting any new project, the company or any organization generally holds discussion to obtain views of its professionals and managers before it is executed. The senior management give suggestions to modify or improve the project in order to make it successful. Suggestions are always important so that the projects/tasks get executed in a planned manner and yield benefits. It is type of ‘caution’ taken before taking a major decision..


While embarking on any major task/project a person has to think analytically and plan well to execute it properly. A person can do it all on his own and many times suffer from failures. This is due to the ego and rigidity of one’s ideas leads to short-sightedness which fail to see the shortcomings in a project leading to failures. In case of failures of large projects, it causes permanent destruction of that organization.


In order to avoid this difficult situation, it is good if a person (or a company) takes suggestions for a project or task from trusted colleagues, mentors, seniors or hire a consultant. They may guide in proceeding of the project by giving their suggestions:

  1. Check if the aim and objectives of a project are clear. If they are not clear then will suggest how modify the aims so that the objectives are achieved
  2. Check for the loopholes/shortcomings of a project and suggest how to overcome them.
  3. May indicate whether the project is feasible or not. If not feasible then suggest to not go ahead
  4. May indicate about the investment to be done and if it is possible. If it is a huge investment and difficult to manage then suggest for decreasing the size of project.
  5. May show the underlying problems of a project and suggest desirable changes to be made to face or overcome those problems.
  6. May indicate the chances of success and failures of a project. To avoid failures some alternatives may be suggested.
  7. They may give strategies for proper planning and execution of projects/tasks


Many a time suggestions are not taken seriously due to ego problems. The person may not be confident that the suggestions will help and may yield any benefits. Although this being a case in 90% cases taking suggestions from experienced people has proved beneficial for the project work and made it successful. This ultimately has boosted one’s self confidence to perform better for the next projects. Further it leads to personal and professional growth of an individual.