Keep your heavy equipment well lubricated

The assets of a company need to be well maintained so that it functions whenever it is required to. If it is a manufacturing unit that is into production of materials, the maintenance team needs to ensure that they keep good care of the machines that are used on a daily basis so that they do not break down at times when we need them the most. The common problem that has been witnessed in machines in a manufacturing unit is that they break down due to lack of lubrication. Well, all machine needs lubrication to function smoothly. They go through a lot of friction while in use and in order to let things move smoothly different types of lubrications are used. Heavy equipment working in a construction site also need to be well lubricated or else there are higher chances of it breaking down every now and then. Heavy equipment is undoubtedly an important asset for the construction company. They have to invest good sum of money on procuring machines. These machines also play a vital role in the completion of work.

Start with cleaning your machine:-

Before you deal with the lubrication part, it is important that you first clean the heavy equipment nicely. Get the dirt out of the stuff so that when you apply oil on the machine, it flows smoothly without any hindrance. If at all the machine is not cleaned properly and it has dust inside it, there are high chances that the oil will have a tough time reaching to vital parts of the machine. The dirt will act as a clogging agent and will restrict the flow of the oil. This can be really harmful for the heavy equipment. So before you start the lubricating stuff, make sure that you have washed the equipment and allowed it to dry. Only when it is dried up completely, you can go ahead and apply oil on it. You also need to make sure that you replace the filters regularly. It helps to keep the dirt at bay.

Maintain a record of the last time you have lubricated the machine:-

Keeping a record of the activities done on the heavy equipment is very crucial. Even if you have to change a tiny part of the machine, make a record of that. It often comes handy when a major issue crops up and you are asked to stuffs you did with your machine in the last 3 months. This helps the mechanic to understand the actual reason behind a breakdown. You just have to throw the data to the mechanic and leave the rest to him to understand what the problem could be and from where it must have started.

Lubrication of every part is essential:-

When we talk about lubrication of heavy equipment, most of us get the picture of lubricating the engine and its ancillary parts. But heavy equipment has more crucial parts than just its engine. It has the gearbox, brakes, bearings and other important parts that also need to be oiled. Therefore let’s not focus on just one key area and lubricate all the important parts irrespective of how important you feel they are for you. They are nevertheless important for the heavy equipment to function.

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