John Deere has given more muscles to its excavator 300G LC

What the toughest of heavy equipment can’t do, can be easily done with the help of an excavator. This means that the excavator should be of good quality and should be in a position to resist all strain that it has to undergo during its lifespan. Companies like Caterpillar, John Deere, and Hitachi etc. are working to bring excavators with different features and add to the muscle power of the machine. They normally come up with features that are an improvement to the earlier feature. We can also call it an enhancement to the earlier feature. However, at times they also come up with something that is absolutely new and the same feature is either copied by other companies adding some additional value to it or they try to bring in something far more innovative to make their product look lucrative and more sellable in the market. Undoubtedly, advertisement also plays a pivotal role. Nevertheless, it’s the quality and features of the product that the buyers are more interested in.

What an excavator needs the most is the power to perform and this is exactly what John Deere has done to its latest model of excavators 300G LC. They have increased the horse power by 19 percent which is a phenomenal increase. It means a lot to the customer to have an excavator which has its strength increased by 19 percent. It really sets the machine apart from its competitors and now other companies are eying to increase the power in their machines. However, they have to also ensure that they do not compromise on the quality of the machine. The 300G LC is replacing its predecessor 290G LC. The new machine has the swing torque that can manage to jump 17 percent which was quite limited in the earlier version. It has also been gifted with larger hydraulic pumps that complement the machine with more power in excavating and lifting the dirt from the ground.

The machine has a larger hood that has been added to improve the access to the engine, maintain ground level fluid and finally with filter service. The filter service is used to simplify the pre checks. Just to avoid the technicians to do their laptop tests in the rain a nine pin diagnostic connector has been set up inside the cabin. All these features are being added to make the product more unique and of course a product that marketing guys may not find hard to put across to the clients. For people who want their machine wired with a grade control system, for them John Deere has installed factory sensor mounting brackets on the dogbone, boom, arm mainframe and counterweight of the machine. In order to check the oil flow, they have installed a programmable thumb attachment mode that will enable the gadget to check the oil flow in the monitor attached in the cab. The company has also followed all government forms and has designed a diesel particulate filter that has the potential to clean itself without putting any impact on the machine.