John Deere Equipment: The machine that brought revolution in the agricultural and construction

John Deere Equipment: The machine that brought revolution in the agricultural sector.

Farming has never been that great as it is today and all credit goes to the American legend named John Deere. He was the mind behind the green tractor we can see on the fields which brought a revolution in the agricultural sector. Well, if you are thinking that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and had all the resources at his disposal to make this happen, and then you got to change your thoughts soon. This is because the present article would talk about his early life and how he got transformed into a legend and managed to change the very face of farming.

John Deere was a college dropout and didn’t have much formal education. He lost his father at a young age and his mother who was a blacksmith trained him to become one. His life took a turn when his blacksmithing company got bankrupt and he had to sell it off to his father-in-law. He then went to Illinois and started working as a blacksmith. During that time, there were hardly any blacksmith in that area and hence he had absolutely no trouble in finding some work there. He produced his first plow in 1837 and since then there was no turning back for him. In the coming years, he sold many plows to the local farmers and was constantly getting orders to produce ninety to 100 plows every year.

This is how he became a legend and gave his best in the field of agricultural equipments. After his demise the business was handled by his son. This was all about John Deere.

Posthumously, his company expanded its wings and flew higher in the sky. John Deere’s company purchased a tractor manufacturing company named “The Waterloo Tractor Company” and since then it was his tractors that farmers trusted the most. Very soon, the company came up with a new model named “The John Deere Model A”. It had three wheeled design and was considered to be one of the best tractors then. Slowly and steadily, they brought in technology and the tractor became more refined which proved a great deal to the farmers. This led to many such inventions in the field of agriculture where the farmers were gifted with technologically advanced equipments at a price they can easily afford to buy. The machines manufactured by John Deere’s company were long lasting and they still continue the trend of delivering performance over their peers.

John Deere’s company did not limit itself to domestic farming. They went beyond that and tried their luck in commercial farming. In the year 1956, they invented the “420 Crawler Loader”. It had the loader bucket in the front that made it look like a bulldozer.

Apart from the big machines manufactured by John Deere’s company, they also take pride in claiming that they have produced numerous small agricultural equipments that are beneficial to the farmers in ample of ways. Thus, a noble deed started by John Deere has now taken the shape of a mighty company creating many more success stories for us to read.