JCB sees 2015 as the year of improvement and possibilities

With the overall economic slowdown, not many heavy equipment manufacturing companies are optimistic about any positive opportunities in the year 2015. They feel that the economic slowdown has to do more with the unrest in the middle east, rise in oil price, government norms which are not so business friendly etc. that has led to a decline in the demand of heavy equipment. Even the equipment that is required for agriculture is also seeing a downward trend as far as its sales is concerned. Therefore, this suggests that the entire market is suffering because of the economic downturn.

If we see how it is going to be in US, the picture is not so pleasant. US economy is not in good order and it requires lot of work to put it back on track. Other than that, many government policies are not so business friendly. So there is a need for the government to ponder on such matters. Overall, not many believe that the year 2015 will bring any significant change in the current situation and things will more or less remain the way it is. However, there are few companies that shares slightly different opinion. Out of these companies, JCB is one. JCB being an UK company sees 2015 as the year of improvement and opportunities. They see hopes of possibilities that will flow in somewhere from the mid of this year. They feel that their company will welcome the New Year with a bang by launching the entry-level backhoe loader. According to JCB sources, they are launching the 3CXG backhoe loader in the Middle East and they also believe that this machine will save a lot on operational costs for its customers. The letter ā€œGā€ in 3CXG means global which means that the company is looking to cater international markets and especially markets that have huge potential. Though there are problems in the Middle East but that does not stop them for entering the market with the entry-level loader. This clearly suggests that JCB is pretty determined to make it big in the year 2015.

If we talk about JCB 3CX, we get to know that the machine has a very good reputation providing great quality service to customers all over the globe. The chief innovation officer of JCB, Mr. Tim Burnhope says that the company is determined to offer solutions to different customer requirements and JCB works very hard to attain that reputation. According to him, the backhoe loader has been specifically designed to cater to emerging economies. It is a tough machine and can work under tremendous arduous conditions.

Most of the Middle East region is hard to dig area and it requires something stronger to penetrate the ground. Therefore, a machine like JCB 3CXG will be fairly compatible and can get the desired work done. The phenomenal part is that they have stuck to the basics and this is why they feel that they can sustain the horrendous tide that has made living difficult for other companies.