Is Heavy Equipment going Green, that is, Environment Friendly?

When we talk about heavy equipment, what is the first thing that comes to our mind? The gigantic appearance and huge structure that releases thick and black fumes that fills the air, isn’t it? If you drive your car behind a heavy construction vehicle, then you will not be able to breathe in the horrible amount of smoke that the vehicle emits. But now times have changed and the vehicles emit such a lesser amount of smoke that it is quite possible to call them “environment friendly” equipment. Why do we need to focus on environment friendly heavy construction equipment? With every passing day, as our environment is becoming threatened by the amount of pollution that is generated by the vehicles, including heavy construction equipment, people are becoming more conscious about making the environment pollution free. Therefore the heavy construction equipment manufacturing companies are also now focusing on making equipment that emits far lesser amount of smoke. What are the changes that have been introduced to the heavy construction equipment in order to make them environment friendly?

  • One of the biggest reasons of the pollution that is emitted by the heavy construction equipment is that the heavy construction vehicles have a very low horsepower because of the old-dated engines, and therefore, they emit tremendous smoke. As in modern technology, that has become greener or more conscious about making the environment pollution free, they now make the vehicles equipped with electronic engines. And electronic engines lead to a very high horsepower. High horsepower is very beneficial for lesser amount of smoke emission.
  • The next thing that makes the heavy equipment environment friendly is the use of automatic transmission. As the equipment become fully automated, the fuel consumption is much lesser, and the lesser the fuel consumption is, the less will be the smoke emission and the causing of pollution can be controlled.
  • The other change that many other heavy equipment manufacturing companies are focusing on is the production of nickel free and chromium free equipment that are more environment friendly than earlier. Not only does this make the equipment more durable, but also makes its component life extended and as the gear speeds will reduce, there will quite less breakdowns. And if there are less breakdowns, then obviously, there will be less requirement for any replacement of the parts of the heavy construction equipment.

All these measurements will make the vehicles quite environment friendly. Even if you recycle the old or second hand equipment rather than discarding them into the environment, the environment will be less harmed and of course the equipment will become of use, and the cost will be reduced. Environment friendly heavy construction equipment are not only beneficial for the eco-system, but also for the construction company that is using the equipment as it will reduce the cost of maintenance of the equipment. So, go green and buy environment friendly heavy construction equipment for your company.