Increase the Life of Your Heavy Equipment- Go for Oil Analysis

That the use of heavy equipment is mandatory for the success of a construction project is a fact that cannot be denied in any way. Being in charge of the construction industry almost always equals to dealing with heavy construction equipment. And dealing with heavy construction equipment comes hand in hand with maintenance and safety issues which cannot be overlooked. Oil analysis has been found to be one of the many ways in which could proceed towards this goal.

What Is Oil Analysis All About?

So, the very first thing that must come to your mind is what is oil analysis all about? Broadly speaking, oil analysis refers to the test conducted on the properties of a lubricant in a laboratory. A part of preventive maintenance measures, oil analysis has been proved to be helpful in a number of ways. The entire process is carried out in three different stages, viz, analysis of the various properties of the oil, analysis of the contaminants and analysis of the debris from the equipment accumulating out of wear and tear.

Oil Analysis and the Heavy Equipment

The entire oil analysis procedure has been found to be quite useful for maintenance of heavy equipment. One cannot deny the fact that maintenance plays a key role in determining how long particular heavy equipment will survive. And oil analysis helps construction site owners do exactly that. It helps them in determining what is best for their heavy equipment thus, increasing its longevity.

Machine Conditioning Monitoring has emerged as one of the latest trends in the entire heavy equipment maintenance affair. Based on oil analysis, this system, though not compulsory, has been found to hold a significant position nonetheless. Heavy equipment go through a lot in the entire construction business. It is the heavy equipment that are exposed to extreme working conditions, going through all the rough patches in order to complete a construction project on time. In such a situation, oil analysis can emerge as a significant contributor to the entire maintenance procedure of the equipment and increase its longevity.

An effective oil analysis can prove to be of great help in not only determining the assets of the construction equipment, but also prove to be significant in putting a leash on abrupt failures, increasing both productivity and longevity. Oil analysis takes aspects, such as, viscosity, water, fuel dilution, soot, wear metals and the like into account for its purpose. This is important, as it is this procedure that will help determine the next step that is to be taken in the entire maintenance procedure.

It therefore, would not be wrong to conclude that the oil analysis does prove to be an important factor in the entire maintenance procedure of heavy equipment. Not only does it ensure the optimal utilisation of the equipment but also adds to the entire longevity factor of the equipment.