Importance of the construction signs in a job site

In the current era, construction is one of the most important aspects of growth. With more and more buildings, roads and other constructions, the civilization will grow stronger. Over the years, the style and type of construction have hugely changed. Along with the regular constructions, large scale constructions of huge buildings, bridges, roads and highways are also being constructed every day.

In such construction sites, you will often come across the usage of heavy equipment and tools such as the cranes, the haulers, the bulldozers etc. However, there is yet another thing that is very important in a construction site and must be used by the workers. These are the construction signs.

What are the construction signs?

When you pass by a site of construction, building or repairing of an existing property, road or construction, you will often find sign boards that indicate or warn you about something. They are signs that consist of certain images or certain text information that helps you to understand

  • What is going on in an area
  • Whether there is any danger or hazard that needs to be avoided
  • The instruction that one has to follow.

Importance of using the signs in a construction site:

Whether a building is being renovated, whether a new building is being constructed, whether some repair works are taking place, there are always certain possibilities of danger. The danger lurks not only on the passers-by, but also for the employees. The construction signs can be of great help in such a case.

Safety measure – following the laws:

For every construction site, it is a law to use safety signs. Whether there is any danger in a particular area or site, whether an employee or a visitor has to follow a certain instruction, must be mentioned in that sign. The signs should be –

  • Concise
  • Clear to understand
  • Eye-catching with use of bright colours
  • Durable, so that it can be visible and last long during a project.

Anybody should understand the signs and follow the instructions, if any.

Types of construction signs:

Usually, the construction signs are made up of bright orange coloured, diamond shaped sign boards with black coloured texts and images for clear reading. In some cases, roll-up signs are also used that are spread on the roads to give warning or instruction and once the construction task is complete, the sign is rolled up and removed. The colour of the sign boards may greatly vary from time to time, depending on the type of sign that is used. It can be yellow or even white in colour.

Common signs that are used in a construction site:

  • Danger – Construction Area – Keep Out
  • Danger – Construction Area – Authorized Personnel Only
  • Danger – Hard Hat Area
  • Warning – Do Not Enter
  • Caution – Men Working Above
  • Danger – Open Pit
  • Danger – Open Hole.

Though these are the most commonly used and found construction signs, you will also find many other signs in a job site. At times, simple instructions like parking area, entry and exit also used in these sites. Choose the one that is required for your job site.