Importance of inspection report at online auction sites of heavy equipment

It’s the worst nightmare of a consumer of used construction equipment that he/she has bought only a lemon even after investing huge money on it. Unluckily, what one sees is not what one always gets. A buyer craves for mind’s peace when he goes on to operate his purchased machine hoping that it will function in the same way as it has been set off in the advertisement. But, this does not happen always.

Unlike in an offline auction, the purchasers in online auctions get sufficient opportunities to inspect and operate the equipment and study the results of fluid tests. These guaranteed inspections assure them with the good quality of the equipment.

Importance of developing inspection reports

An inspection track provides a strong proof of the fine working condition of the equipment mentioning that it has already gone through repeated testing. This report contains all the info that a buyer deserves to know like a detailed description of the conditions and features of the product. A professional and unbiased individual always creates a high-quality inspection write-up. The site owner before giving the ad should inspect carefully structural, cosmetics and mechanical aspects as well as the wheels and characteristics of the machine.

To minimize the price for the sake of the sellers, inspectors perform the inspection at the seller’s online site so as to free the owner from moving the equipment until a successful completion of the transaction with the purchaser.

Purchaser wants the report to work as their ears and eyes. Obviously, an honest inspector should implement a standardized procedure to judge the equipment to generate consistent and reliable results. Some auction online companies utilize latest technology to carry out the inspections to give out excellent quality images and a better content.

Things to be included in an inspection report

The report of inspection should be comprehensive in all matters, as the consumer cannot visit the on-site physically to know its actual condition. The inspection report should consist of the following things:

  • Detail analysis: – The report should comprise of diverse sections including line-product ratings. It should also have inspector’s comments to enunciate the working condition of the specific components and subsystems.
  • Verification of the machine: – The inspection report must confirm the machine’s make, serial number, age and model number.
  • Images: – The images of the equipment should display clearly the interior and exterior of the product. It should highlight the general look of the machine.
  • Laboratory results: – Fluid and oil analysis throw light on the internal state of the equipment. This record can provide essential information about coolant and oil conditions.

Selling and buying of heavy equipment is no longer limited to local shops, market, and machine manufacturing companies. Buyers can make a smart decision only if the inspection report is guaranteed by the listing site. The internet has allowed the sellers to culminate great interest among their targeted audience globally and drive the selling finally with a quality inspection report to a happy and satisfactory end.