Importance of Armoured Bulldozer in Battle Ground

Universalized in 1920 and utilised profoundly ever since, bulldozer is an incessant tracked tractor that falls under the category of heavy equipment. It is a crawler that is bedecked with a sizeable metal platter. The application of the bulldozer is to shove a large amount of soil, debris, sand or other construction materials. Very often, laborers recognize this heavy equipment as a dozer. It is a crawler that is assembled at the rear with a claw-shaped mechanism. This apparatus is known as ripper that is applied to slacken the thickly condensed substances. Armoured bulldozer is a fundamental contrivance of battle engineering.

Use of Armoured Bulldozer in World War II

The British were the first to employ armoured bulldozer in World War II. The soldiers used stereotyped Caterpillar D8 Bulldozer that was adjoined with armour. It helped the bulldozer drivers to protect themselves and the engine from the attack of the enemies. At that time these armoured bulldozers were manufactured by Jack Olding and Company Ltd. The British soldiers referred these bulldozers as “Hobbart’s Funnies”. In the Battle of Normandy, the armoured bulldozers were used to clear the incursion beaches of hindrances and to create roads. When the military persons reached Europe, they realised the need of Centaur bulldozer. This bulldozer was very much effective in battle grounds for instance in Korean War.

Modern Use of Armoured Dozer

Some of the eminent contemporary bulldozers are Caterpillar D7 and D9. These dozers are bedecked with the tanks that have blades. Some of the attributes of current toughened bulldozers are as follows:

  • Caterpillar D9 bulldozer is used in military as wells as construction purposes. It is chiefly utilised by Israel Defence Forces and United States armed forces. This bulldozer has the capability to bear up profound attack.
  • The modern dozers have the power of 405 to 410 horsepower.
  • The drawbars pull capability of this updated bulldozer is 71.6 tonnes-forces.
  • The D9R bulldozer can be operated by two crew members.
  • The armour kit installed in the IDF modified bulldozers defends the motorized system and the compartment of the operator.
  • The bulletproof casement of the IDF bulldozers protects the engine and the bulldozer machinists from the machinegun, sniper blaze and grenades.
  • The RPG rounds can be averted by the slat armour. Sometimes the D9 bulldozers are available with the attributes of smoulder projectors, grenade installers and crew-functionalised machine guns.
  • D9 bulldozers are mainly utilised in excavating moats, saving stuck, glade landmines, accumulating sand blockades etc.
  • The Palestinian soldiers used these D9 bulldozers to open secure path for IDF armies.
  • These bulldozers are also employed in cleaning bushes and structures.

Application of Armoured Bulldozers in United States

The US armies bought Tractor Protection Kits (TPK) from the Israel Military Industries at the time of first Gulf War. They used it in their Caterpillar D7 bulldozers. These are significantly utilised in mine cleaning purposes. D9 bulldozers are operated by the US soldiers to destroy the vehicles from dig channels and roads.