Hydraulic Hammers – A Must in the Construction and Mining Industry

If you think the construction industry is all about breaking old establishments and building a new one in its place, then you are partially correct. Though it is not all about just breaking whatever old you see around you and replace it with a new building but it’s about many other things which we don’t see. For instance, for constructing a hotel in an open plot, you do not need to break any old settlement. However, you can’t distance the subject of breaking things from this industry and therefore when we talk about breaking establishments, we are indeed talking about good strong hammers that can break off the old stuff without denting itself.
Just like one particular medicine can’t cure all the ailments, in the same manner one type of hammer can’t be used for all the breaking purposes. There are different series of hammers that are used for different work based on the type of work it has to do. Here we would be discussing about hydraulic hammers and different series of hydraulic hammers used for various purposes.
Light weighted hammers:- You need these light weighted hammers on small construction sites where you have things which are not very huge and strong and can be perished at few strokes from a light weighted hammer. Alternatively, it is used on machines which are considerably smaller than the ones we see on huge construction sites. These machines are used at sites which have problems with space and can’t allow access to big machines.
Medium weighted hammers:- Then we have medium weighted hammers which are used in mid-sized projects. They are comparatively stronger than the light weighted hammers and hence has the potential to break down stuffs which are quite strong. They however have to limit themselves in demolishing huge structures. These hammers are also known for consuming less fuel and are highly productive.
Heavy weighted hammers:- These are considered as the most powerful hydraulic hammers which are used by big construction houses. If we talk about big construction companies, they prefer to keep all sets of hammers as they may require either of them at any point in time. However, it is the heavy weighted hammers which are used extensively by them. These hammers are required in projects which are mighty big and need hammers which has more power and can work for longer duration. It’s important to note that heavy weighted hammers are available in huge range of series and that each type of hammer is used for its own specific kind of work. Therefore, the kind of hammer one chooses entirely depends on the kind of project he would be requiring them at.
After having understood about the different kinds of hammers, let us change our focus on buying them. It’s often advisable to buy used hammer rather than spending money on brand new which would also cost more to you. You can buy them online on any online selling site. There you can get in touch with the seller and may seek a better deal.