How Trolley Assisted Electric Truck Saved Fuel?

Trolley assisted electric truck have been used across the world especially at the mines of North America and Africa. The worldwide usage of trolley assisted electric truck proved that the electric driven trucks are more efficient in the long run than the old existing mechanical truck. In mining areas these trucks minimizes the fuel expense by 45% and increases the productivity by 10%.

The engine of a trolley assisted truck generally idles for about 750rpm. During that time the main pressure inside the machine is that of the electrical system’s cooling blower. This pressure is generally 15% of the total capacity of the engine. In diesel momentum, the engine will attain full power at the highest speed on a 10% effective grade. The BHP is 2025 in a 12V 4000 engine for about 1900rpm. A calculation of fuel consumption rate using the above data in diesel stands at 360 LPH whereas in case of truck assisted electric trolley it is as low as 45LPH.

Electricity is comparatively cheaper than diesel fuel which enables everyone to save money. Moreover, electric trucks also do not create pollutions which is a great problem with diesel fuel trucks. The power through overhead line is more potent than the on board power source of the truck. We all know that voltage is directly proportional to speed and this fact enables the operators to increase the voltage to the level of electric motor’s end point. This, in turn, raises the speed of the truck though it remains in contact with the overhead line. And the speed of the truck reaches 10kph on a twenty percent gradient. The final outcome of this procedure is the reduction in the amount of fuel consumed by the trolley truck which is as low as only about 25 litres per hour.

When trucks run on electricity, and it absolutely makes no use of diesel. It is a well-known fact that electricity or hydrogen are renewable sources of energy. These trucks have achieved the status of zero-emissions, as a result it reduces global warming protecting public health. Fuel cells, battery and hybrid powertrains which are greatly used nowadays saves fuel and hence play a great role in economic saving of the world.

Electric Drivetrain technology saves fuel

  • Hybrid electric vehicle: Hybrid electric trucks are the most mature form of electric drive technology. Hybrid electric trucks can travel more distances as compared to traditional mod of trucks. It improves fuel economy and extend brake life.
  • Battery electric vehicle: Battery electric vehicle trucks are run by an electric motor connected to onboard batteries. No combustion engine is present inside the truck and the batteries should be charged regularly by plugging.
  • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle: These kinds of trucks gain its braking energy through the recharge of the batteries. They are very similar to Hybrid Electric Vehicles with a bigger battery pack.
  • Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle: These electric trucks gain their energy by refuelling it with hydrogen. It do not require to gain its energy from any external electric source.


Electrification of trucks has recently came into being, but it already gained a strong footing. This wiser use of electrification technology has become a key factor that doubles the fuel efficiency of the trucks and will cut down the nation’s estimated oil consumption by 40% in the upcoming years.